Marit L has made a website here:

See her page about that ridiculous X-girlfriend Torill  and her wacky YouTube activities.


False and libelous Facebook page “Vennie Yancy”!

The Canadian woman and her sister and law have made a false Facebook page called Vennie Yancy. Vennie’s name and personal details are published on this Facebook page. Vennie has been a target for harassment because of her vocal criticism of the theft of four Bengal kittens and other circumstances related to this matter. See Vennie’s YouTube channel;  See this link to learn who these people are:  (They are here on facebook!) See also and

Recently a YouTube channel was hacked. I and several others posted cat videos on this channel. All the 250+ videos were deleted and replaced with 10 videos produced by these individuals. See my video about this:


 Descriptions of these 10 videos is at the (more info) link to the right of the video.

Who are these people? look here! External link;


Complaints regaurding this site.

Canadian kitten fraud

Updateg    12    April 2009
WARNING! The Canadian woman is creating websites using my cattery name “Ridanos” or names similar to my name Richard Norton!
These fake imitation websites look very similar to mine and include personally identifiable information and a photo of the Canadian woman. The links on these fake websites at the left, particularly the Skype chat log, usually don’t work. She is also apparently sending e-mail possibly using the name “Eric” and trying to make it look like me.
She has also sent a mail with the subject “The whole story…” to several members of the KoolCatsClub and the The Oakville and District Humane Society where she claims to be a fund raiser. A better name would be the “hole story” because there is a lot lacking in this fib, like the criminal blackmail 2nd of August 2008 her sister in law helped her with, the contacting my X and my son, the publishing of a bulletin to numerous persons from her YouTube channel all which preceded my publishing of my first video “The Canadian kitten Fraud” on the 4th of August 2008.


All personally identifiable information has been removed!

In compliance with policies regarding privacy and personally identifiable information some names have been changed and other personally identifiable information removed. The name of the person who visited me in Norway has been replaced with "the Canadian woman". Her sister in law that is a breeder and member of The Canadian Cat Association, The International Cat Association, The International Bengal Cat Society, The Bengal Cat Connection and member of a local cat club has been replaced with "the sister in law".



         Important notice        
to the Canadian buyers of the kittens;
(N) Ridanos Ernest, Registration number LO 150382, Microchip 578098100239205
(N) Ridanos Eric,  Registration number LO 150384, Microchip 578098100237673
(N) Ridanos Einstein Registration number LO 150385, Microchip 578098100240517



     These three kittens are stolen property! 

The deplorable circumstances regarding the sale of the kitten Eros. Correspondence between Martha, the Canadian woman, her sister in law, and Richard Norton

Strange correspondence with the KoolKatsClub

Vile comments and shenanigans & The Solveig Møskedal project

The Canadian woman and her sister in law's cyber-bullying YouTube  videos.

The Canadian woman's cyber-bullying YouTube Channel RNtheidiot

The Canadian woman's cyber-bullying YouTube Channel electricworries

Death threats, warnings & threats of legal intervention

Skype chat log between The Canadian woman - Richard Norton.


  They lack original documents! The pedigrees accompanying these kittens are nothing more than digital photos of the original pedigrees. They also lack the original microchip ID-KORT and the Transfer of ownership document necessary for registering these kittens with TICA. Without these original documents they CANNOT be entered in a cat show. Any offspring from these kittens will NOT be eligible for a pedigree without the presentation of proper original documents from both parents.

Without proper documentation these kittens cannot be sold as "Pure Bred Bengal Kittens". Their monetary value would be insignificant.

If the buyers were not informed of this then it’s a case of criminal fraud.

As I have been attacked publicly by comments on my videos, as well as on other YouTube channels, I find it appropriate to publish the case here.

Quotations from the Canadian woman who stole 4 of my kittens.

"I am so glad I kept all the money."

Lets dig her up so Richard can fuck her one last time.

Come to my grave and jerk off one last load for Solveigthehoe!

Richard WILL NOT LIVE,you have no idea how dangers this just became for him.I am completely serious,You have no idea WHO YOU ARE MESSING WITH. I don't mean me,he is ONE CONVERSATION AWAY FROM HIS DEMISE.

If venniey ever met me in person she'd wet herself. Twenty plus years at the gym and she still get her ass handed to her. lol I have met lots of big mouthed bitches like you venniey, they all have the same issues in common, cowardice. It's all fun and games till their spitting out teeth! Or in your case venniey dentures. You're so brave sitting behind your computer making up your bullshit. One day it'll catch up to you. *grinnin' in your face*

Listen you little CUNT,My patience are running thin,start DELETING OR ELSE.
Link to all the comments that were made on the first video: "The Canadian kitten Fraud"

Link to all the comments that were made on the second video: "The Canadian kitten Fraud - address removed"

Email correspondence from The Canadian woman

Email correspondence her sister in law
The fun4seeker YouTube channel and The Oakville and District Humane Society Strange bedfellows!

Who is Who in the Canadian Cat Theft

YouTube channels assosiated with the Canadian cattery


A short resume:

The Canadian woman was one of my fans on YouTube. She often made nice and flattering comments on my videos. We began talking on Skype during the winter of 2007. (Skype is a chat program that you can use like a free telephone.)
One of my kittens, (N)Ridanos Dansing, born in the fall 2007 was damaged at birth by a tangled umbilical cord and lost a hind leg. This kitten was very popular on YouTube and everyone wanted it. Another kitten in the same litter (N)Ridanos Desdemona, was also damaged at birth. The Canadian woman's sister in law, who was starting a cattery, wanted to buy Desdemona.
The Canadian woman came to Norway on the 20th of February 2008. During her stay, we agreed that, in addition to Dansing and Desdemona, she would also take (N) Ridanos Fandango back to Canada. Her sister in law was interested in him and we agreed that anything over $1,300.00 CAD (7000 NOK) she could keep.
During her stay the Canadian woman tried to buy something with her bank card. Her bank card was rejected because she had a grand total of $0.66 on her account. She contacted both her employers. I was astounded that they did absolutely nothing to help a destitute employee on another continent! I felt sorry for the Canadian woman and wanted to help her. Therefore during her visit we also agreed that I would later ship four more Bengal kittens to Canada which she and her sister in law would either buy or sell to third persons. We would share the costs and any eventual profits. The Canadian woman expected to be able to sell each kitten for approximately $3,000.00 CAD.

The Canadian woman returned to Canada with the three kittens on the 02nd of March and sold Fandango to her sister in law. The Canadian woman transferred ~$1,300.00 to me.

On the 26th of March the four kittens (N)Ridanos Eros, Einstein, Ernest and Erik arrived in Canada.

Digital photos of the pedigrees, and other documents were also sent to Canada.

The original pedigrees and transfer of ownership documents for the four kittens are here in Norway waiting for the addresses of the new Canadian owners.

The Canadian woman's sister in law kept Ernest and Einstein at her home while the Canadian woman had Eros and Eric and at least five other cats in her apartment. The Canadian woman paid for ads in the newspaper. Her sister in law and her brother paid for ads in the Toronto weekend paper to sell the kittens.

In May the Canadian woman claimed she had difficulty selling the kittens and some of them were getting skittish. She was considering castrating them because they were getting older and it would be very difficult for her to have so many un-neutered male cats in her small apartment.

On the 10th of June I received a complaint from a buyer, that the Canadian woman and her sister in law often refer to as "that crazy bitch". I prefer to call her "Martha". The Canadian woman had sold her a kitten for $500.00 and refused to honor a written guarantee that clearly stated that the kitten could be returned for “any reason” and the money would be refunded. When Martha went to the Canadian woman's apartment to pick up Eros, she was so appalled by the conditions there and her concern for the cats living there, that she filed a complaint with the Humane Society.

The Canadian woman's mail correspondence with this person contains remarks like

"You are talking out your ass and don't have a clue."
“I can tell that I was right about you, you are going to stomp your feet and have a tantrum, aren't you princess?".

Martha was not informed that the documents, including the pedigree, were not originals, but made from digital photos. In addition, Martha was not informed by the Canadian woman that the kitten had recently been treated for Feline Chlamydophila! The veterinary certificate from Norway stating, in English, that the kittens were treated for Feline Chlamydophila and were responding positive to treatment were not included. Even though the kitten had apparently responded positive to treatment it is irresponsible to not inform the buyer of this.

I published a video on YouTube of an attractive Danish woman in a café with me. After publishing that video, The Canadian woman has refused to answer my inquiries about the complaint, the whereabouts of the other three kittens, or about my share of the profit.

I have demanded three things of the Canadian woman.

1. That she contacts the buyer, Martha, honor the written guarantee and make a payment plan to pay back the $500 owed. Martha bought the kitten on a Friday afternoon 6th of June and attempted to return the kitten Sunday in accordance with the written guarantee. Cf. "If for any reason you wish to bring him back full refund will be given."

2. That she provides me with information as to the whereabouts and status of the other three kittens. Have the buyers of the other three kittens been treated like the Canadian women and her sister in Law treated Martha?

3. The Canadian woman must make some sort of fair and reasonable payment plan to pay me what she owes me.

Her response to my demands has been criminal blackmail!

Email dated 02.08.2008 18:01 RE: Hi

"Your crazy obsessive behavior will get you into trouble! You should talk this all out with your doctor. Seek help.
If you make even a small ripple in my pond, I will hit you where it will hurt! Your Wallet/You Tube.
Did you forget? I know you have not been claiming your cat money. I will tell the government and Davids Mother.

I know you are not going to listen to me and move on.
You enjoy your obsessions, they are your life!"

Email dated 03.08.2008 08:22 RE: Hi

"I have been in contact with Nina and have forwarded her the email where you have provided the price you get for both male and female Bengal kittens. I have also made copies of all the following videos,
You have dated all the videos, talk about shooting yourself in the foot! I will be forwarding all these videos as well as the copies of my bank statement where you withdrawl money from my account as well as reciepts from western union. Nina is more then happy to help! I also let her know I read and saw the police reports regarding David. I may make a you tube video with her copies, photos and your mean letter.  I warned you about making a ripple, you are in the deep end now.
BTW expect visitors soon....better get cleaning!!!"
(Nina is my Ex and mother of my son David.)
The Canadian woman then published the following bulletin on her YouTube channel mulelover:
Sat 02 Aug 2008 20:37:31 PDT
Go get a job!!! Be a Man!!!
Richard Norton needs to get up off his chair and go get a job! Too much time on your hands Richard? Pretending to be sicker then you were to get free money from the government is pathetic. Not claiming your income and decieving your childs mother so you don't have to pay more is pathetic. Why don't we ask Richard why his own son hates him? Violent Much Richard? You want people to hate me because I know the truth about you. It isn't pretty people.
The Canadian woman then published the following public comment on YouTube:

YouTube Channel Comments RidanosBengalsZone

mulelover | 02 August 2008

"There are two sides to this. I am guessing that you don't care to hear the other. That's ok the people who have been told will be intouch with Richard. The government doesn't like when you don't pay them and the child support owed."

In addition she taken steps to disrupt my family and personal life.
She has divulged incorrect information regarding an incident in December 2007 with my now sixteen year old son. My son was visiting me and unfortunately I found it necessary to remove him from my house. He was told to walk the 1800 meter distance to his grandfather’s house and I called the police and the child welfare services.
The Canadian woman and her sister in law have befriended my son on Facebook and are grooming him for the purpose of alienating him from his father and getting information which they think may be useful for them in this dispute. The Canadian woman aka mulelover makes the following comment as a reply to ContrastY:
mulelover (1 week ago) Show Hide
"ContrastY- Ask David if he has EVER seen a dime of money for any kittens sold. He has NEVER seen one penny from his so called Dad from any kitten sales. Ask him, I did already."
(deleted is the 16 year old daughter of the sister in law.)
The sister in law made a YouTube channel called zallycatzbengals and placed the following comment on my son Davids YouTube channel, Steinbiten.
"Hey hon, how's it going? Cool artwork, mine is so lame--if you are bored i'm looking for someone to do my cattery logo for the website--if you're interested let me know ;)
(16 year old daughters name deleted)'s mom, Rebecca in case you don't know) "
In another comment she refers to "pocket money", indicating my son could earn money for designing a Logo for the cattery involved in the theft of the kittens, blackmail and criminal libel of his father.
Attempts at alienating my son are considerable and can be read on his YouTube channel. and on several videos for example a video titeled "123321"
On the 4th of August I published a video called "The Canadian Kitten Fraud".
I removed the video on the 6th because the Canadian woman complained about her address appearing on one of the documents shown in the video. The video was made longer and republished without the address and called "Canada Kitten Fraud - address removed".
In the video I repeat my 3 demands mentioned above:
1. Make out a payment plan to pay back $500 to the buyer of the kitten Eros.
2. Provide information as to the whereabouts of the other 3 kittens.
3. Make out some sort of fair and reasonable payment plan to pay me my share.
In spite of the fact that both these videos dealt exclusively with circumstances regarding these 4 kittens, The Canadian woman has repeatedly made libelous public comments regarding irrelevant aspects of my private life. On the first video alone "The Canadian Kitten Fraud" we find no less that 44 comments regarding the incident with my son in December 2007.
Some examples of The Canadian woman's public comments on YouTube using the name "mulelover" regarding my son:
I don't beat up 15 year olds. You think that Richard is a swell guy. Ask his son.
Poor child abuser, lets pray for him.
You don't mind defending a child beater though. Ask David, or better yet go watch his last video. Says it all.
Keep defending the child beater, CONVICTED child beater.
You have not admitted to hurting your son yet Richard.
Weaponsaint--You can belive the ABUSER.
gmdet- didn't see you in the room when we talked about the cats comming here. How would you know what I said? Oh ya Richard told you all. Why won't Richard tell you he didn't beat his son? So I guess I can assume that alright with you. Do you beat your children too?
gmdet--You can't have it both ways. You asked me to elaborate. Now I have. Did you read anywhere that Richard denies it? is true. He has not spoken to David since.December30 2007. He has just written him off. What a GREAT guy. Still defending him? Pathetic.
Oh god, now you think you know whats gone on too. Seriously Terri, he BEAT UP DAVID. Still think he's hunky! Such a great guy. Lets all keep defending him!!!
ContrastY--alleged deal with Norton. Very real assault on a 15 year old. Ask him if you feel you can't believe me.
Not stupid lies, why hasn't Richard denied them all then?
Richard why haven't you denied you hurt David? Why haven't you denied you don't claim you kitten money?
Wonder why you have not denied that you hurt David?????????
Are you even sorry???????
Why don't you tell him that you are sorry????
POOR CONVICTED CHILD ABUSER. When will you tell everyone that it is not true Richard?
You hurt your own son! Now you ignore him. What a fantastic so called MAN you are.
Why doesn't anyone ask Richard if it is true?
MyAsmodai--LEGAL ISSUE? I didn't see you in the room when Richard said he was sending cats my way. How on earth can you say a thing. You only know what THE CHILD ABUSER SAYS!!!
thehnah--So how is it that you think you know what is right? Jeeze, if you've decided it is up to you to defend Richard, CONVICTED CHILD ABUSER, then why I ask bother me. You have made up your mind. You have no idea what we said to eat other. How about you give him some more respect? Since you think he deserves it. PATHETIC
thejesterscat--cheap,obese white trash! I personaly would rather spend time with a person like me then a child abuser like Richard. Violence against children is ok with you?
the jesterscat--Well didn't you just say a mouthful. No you don't know him. I do. He has blocked Sharoncyclons comments because she backed me up. She recieved a letter from Richards son monthes ago confirming all that I said is true. You were not there when Richard decided to send kittens my way. You are taking his word for it. A CONVICTED CHILD ABUSER. The revelevents being his character. I did not start this public forum...just letting everyone know what kind of man he really is.
You don't listen to that stuff because....? It proves my point. He is not a nice man. His kids is messed now.
Why would anyone want to be
 nice to him?
Cause he has pretty cats?

(The Canadian woman has made several comments using another YouTube channel fun4seeker. She is associating herself with the Oakville and District Humane Society! More about that here.)


The Canadian woman has posted comments to my videos, on her own and other YouTube channels, publishing the name of a man who lives with a girlfriend of mine, claiming that she and I are cheating on him. For example:


"NN, your girl friend is cheating on you with Richard Norton."


"NN, if you would like to see all the video proof of YOUR lovely Danish women with Richard Norton, I had copies sent to me. Richard has deleted them from his channel. Feel free to contact me."


Here is where you find him NN
Richard Norton
Haugenveien 15
1400 Ski
Tel 64977242



"Are you scaird that her boyfriend will be violent? Fightin men insted of boys is a bit different!"


Jealous? lol I don't care who you sleep with but maybe her boyfriend might? I hope he finds you and lets you know just how much he cares! I cut all ties with you back in March. You only got mad when Martha contacted you! lol

The Canadian woman eventually admitted to keeping all the money in the following public comment:
"Barb, why did you write that comment?
You wanted to make a finders fee for that sale if I remember correctly.
Richard calls you a drunk and told me over and over that he doesn't want to talk to you especialy on a Friday nights.
If you think of him as a freind you are sadly mistaken.
Alot has happened between RN and I and I am so glad I kept all the money.
Makes all the BS worth while.
I respected the fact you have kept out of this.
Why start now?"
- mulelover | August 22, 2008
She gives no rational reason for this theft other than alleged child abuse and diverse negative evaluations:


I will not give some scum bag abuser a dime, very relevant I would say. I can tell you are no doubt in favour of violence.




Others that criticize her ad hominem attacks and her noncompliance with my demands risk such replies as:


venniey--You obviously don't know me! I can defend myself and will accordingly. If you all want to defend scum bags, be my guess!


newjerseyattitude-- YOU ARE A CUNT.


biakuy--No scam, just all whole lot of scum bags.


Martha--you can spend your evening bullshitting all you want. I have witnesses that Eros is or was a very sweet cat. You are in fact a crazy bitch....


Jersey the blond!!! Did a bunch of fat kids beat you up in school? Is that your issue? Richard Norton got paid for Fandango and Desdemona. He finally after 5 monthes just sent her the orignal pedigrees. But really why do you care. Are you waiting for your turn with him or something?

(Read more about The Canadian woman's other YouTube account and its association with The Oakville & District Humane Society here!)


The Canadian woman refuses to inform me about the whereabouts of the other 3 kittens.


Richard--You will NEVER know because these people don't want anything to do with you.

In numerous public comments on my YouTube videos and on her (now suspended) YouTube channel, the Canadian woman admits to her criminal blackmail saying she has contacted my son's mother and is divulging comprising information regarding alleged tax evasion, nonpayment of child support and other private information suitable for increasing the level of conflict in my family and disruption my private home life. Surprisingly enough, she is quite indiscrete about this criminal behavior and documentation that speaks for itself.
She has also made comments that suggest that she has contacted several agencies/services in Norwegian government that she will attempt to use for harassing me.
Here are just a few examples:
Recieve any phone calls today Richard? lol


Jersey no doubt you really are a blond! her sister in law paid $1300. plus vet bills for Desdemona and $1500. plus vet bill for Fandango. Shooting your mouth off again about stuff you know nothing about. Richard didn't claim a dime of that. Gov't won't like that one bit.

Really Richard, why did you tell me that you had to claim your income monthly. Why did you want to take out cash from my account. I am sure which ever agency NN contacts, they will not be so trusting as the YOu Tube ladies!
(NN is referring to my X.)
Wow you've been making more then I thought with all those kitten you've sold. Can't wait to tell my new friend that.
With the phrase "new friend" The Canadian woman is referring to my X she had hoped would aid and abet her in criminal blackmail.
Richard why haven't you denied you hurt David? Why haven't you denied you don't claim you kitten money?
Cause you know I have proof and you don't want to get caught in a lie?
You should have listened to me.
(With the sentence "You should have listened to me" The Canadian woman is referring to her earlier criminal blackmail threats).
skinsthunderbomb- I will be making 2 videos. One with the help of my new friend. And the second one will prove Richard Norton has not claimed any money and has been fraudulant to the Gov't and his with his child support.
(Read more about The Canadian woman's other YouTube account and its association with The Oakville & District Humane Society here!).

Her sister in law claims she does not know the contact information for the buyers of the other 3 kittens. However in an email to Martha she seems to have knowledge about the registration of one of the stolen kittens with TICA. Other correspondence indicates that she has knowledge of the whereabouts of these kittens.  


The sister in law's disturbing role


When the Canadian woman started her criminal blackmail, took steps to disrupt my family and private life and damage my relationship with my son, I was puzzled by her sister in law's apparent lack of disapproval.

I also found the following very disturbing. The Canadian woman’s sister in law writes in an email dated August 4, 2008 to Martha:


"The Canadian woman denies giving you any signed document stating "any reason" so i don't know about that".


When that very signed document is published on my web page, proving the Canadian woman was lying, her sister in law is still willing to provide unconditional support to her! The sister in law, a member of: The Canadian Cat Association, The International Cat Association, The International Bengal Cat Society, The Bengal Cat Connection and member of a local cat club, has not a hint of scruples about joining her sister in law in the intimidation and public ridicule of Martha.

More about her sister in law's involvement with the deplorable circumstances regarding the sale of the kitten Eros.


The sister in law's involvement in the sale of these 4 kittens is more than casual.


Two of the kittens were kept at the sister in law’s home. She paid for advertisements in newspapers to sell the kittens.


For example an entry in the Skype chat log suggests her sister in law will get a share of the profit. The Canadian woman and I discussed orally several times that her sister in law was of course entitled to her share of the profit if she sold a kitten.


It has been claimed several times that my issue is only with the Canadian woman and NOT the sister in law whom is responsible for the cattery. The Canadian woman has nothing to do with her sister in laws cattery and is not a member of the cat club.


The Canadian woman aka mulelover functions as a spokesperson for her sister in law's cattery.


“Richard, we have our shit. But (name of sister in laws 16 year old daughter’s YouTube channel removed) bought Desdemona and Fandango from you to start her own cattery. You better make sure you fix this and I mean in the morning tomorrow. She has been nothing but nice to you. If you screw her, you are exactley what you accused me of being.”

(name of sister in laws 16 year old daughter’s YouTube channel removed) is the account the sister in law uses. It belongs to her 16 year old daughter.)


In the following example the person "feyhra" directs a question to (name of sister in laws 16 year old daughter’s YouTube channel removed) (her sister in law) and asks where her sister in law is registered as a breeder and the name of her cattery. Again The Canadian woman is the spokesperson for her sister in law's cattery.



(name of sister in laws 16 year old daughter’s YouTube channel removed) - hello there.. i feel awkward butting in here where tempers are so frayed(i hope it all gets resolved soon!), but i couldn't help noticing you are a breeder of bengal cats and i have a have a friend who is interested in purchasing a kitten. do you have a website, or can you indicate where you are registered as a breeder, or the name of your cattery, so she can get in touch with you? i took a little look around the web but i couldn't find you.. many thanks. hope you can help”


mulelover answers the following on behalf of her sister in laws cattery:


“lol sorry dear I don't think (name of sister in laws 16 year old daughter’s YouTube channel removed) will be busting out any personal info on this public forum. She is not stupid.”


The sister in law obviously condones the Canadian woman's roll as spokesperson in the following:


(name of sister in laws 16 year old daughter’s YouTube channel removed)

“Geez Richard look who's talking--you have so many bogus accounts it's not funny--anyway, i'm only here tonite to let you know, since you won't answer the phone to --big surprise--that i have contacted everyone and complained--Red Herring? Nice try --the proof is in the emails/bills/receipts--thanks for the bullsh*t RN--anyone wants proof feel free to contact us or ML”

(ML is Mulelover aka The Canadian woman)


In other instances The Canadian woman takes on the roll of thug or gangster for her sister in law's cattery.



“Do we have to make videos about it as proof. Even Neil of the Ridanos Bengal Zone was excited about maybe buying a Ridanos Canadian kitten. Everyone read comments about it on your videos. Don't you dare fucking LIE. FIX IT.”


The Canadian woman has several times corresponded with the Norwegian cat association NRR and the FIFe Disciplinary Commission ON BEHALF OF HER SISTER IN LAW REBECCA’S CATTERY! That certainly makes her an intrinsic part of her sister in law's cattery.

Links to that correspondence are under construction.



The Canadian woman is such an integral part of her sister in law's cattery (and family) that I consider her sister in law as an accomplice in the theft of these kittens, blackmail and harassment.




The guarantee.

"If for any reason you wish to bring him back full refund will be given."

Signed The Canadian woman.

(Mistakenly dated 07) Worth the paper its written on?



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