Do not be fooled!
Hosting providers are being bombarded with frivolous complaints from the persons I refer to on this website as “the Canadian woman” and “the Canadian woman’s sister in law”.
They falsely claim that I use their names on this site. THE NAMES OF THESE TWO INDIVIDUALS DO NOT APPEAR ANYWHERE ON THIS WEBSITE!
The Canadian woman also claims I give directions to her home. She writes the following:

“There are many privacy issues on this site ( this is
written--Hi, my place is easy to find. You take the Brant Street exit and
head south towards the lake, Then turn right on Elgin Street, which is one
block north of lakeshore. The address is (deleted). There is parking in the

I don’t even name which city this is in let alone which country! Even if I did name the city, no one would be able to find her with such directions.
The fact that she recently moved to another city about 80 kilometers away would also complicate matters.
Please review the claims of these individuals before removing this site.