Here are some of the channels that the Canadian woman and her sister in law are responsible for, most of which are suspended:




bambiogen [closed]

Bengalabuse [banned]

byebluebirdbye [closed]

crazyoldvenniey [banned]

CRAZYvenniey [banned]

DarrylfromCanada [bro] [active]

DracoGerm [new] [closed]

DracoNotaGem [closed]

EclipsetheHarasser [closed]

EclipseWebBS [closed]

electricworries [SIL?] [closed]

fun4seeker [closed]

KoolKatzClub [active]

Leahg33 [friend] [active]

meggie1959 [closed]

Melanie3332313135249 [hack] [banned]

mulelover [first] [banned]

muleloversherri [closed]

NewJerseylowlife [closed]

nolifenorton [closed]

NorwegianripOff [SIL] [closed]

pennymusicMAma [rec] [active]

pretendunomeidiot [closed]

Richardgiveitup [closed]

RichardHectorNorton [banned]

RichardNortonn [banned]

richardnorton3 [banned]

RichardNortonRidanos [banned]

RichardtheABUSER [banned]

RidanosBengalAbuse [banned]

RidanosBengalsNorway [closed]

Ridanoscatabuse [banned]

RidanosLies [closed]

RNtheidiot [banned]

SherriandDansing [closed]

Sherrinewchannel [closed]

sherrischannel [banned]

sherrispage [closed]

smurfette2234 [friend] [active]

SnortinNortons [banned]

snowmandansing [closed]

Solveigthehoe [SΔ] [banned]

theliesaregone [banned]

TimesDone4RNorton [active]

TimLearyfan [banned]

tons4fun [closed]

try2bniceppl [friend] [banned]

viagrahelpme [banned]

uneed2getagrip [closed]

venniesacidlounge [banned]

venniethecougar [banned]

vennieyancy [banned]

zallycats [banned]

zallycatzbengals [SIL] [closed]