Sherri Amirault
 and Rebecca Rebecca's cyber-bullying YouTube videos


This are descriptions of videos made by Sherri Amirault and Rebecca Rebecca involved in the theft of 4 Bengal kittens from Richard Norton.

Instead of paying Martha back the $500 and telling Richard what she and Rebecca have done with the other three cats she makes these "hilarious" videos with "witty" comments. Sherri Amirault has made the following videos to intimidate, insult and divert attention from the theft of 4 Bengal kittens: RNtheidiot COMING OUT, Messages from Norway, Signe and Richard, A stroll at Sabro, Getting to know RNtheidiot, Whispers from Norway, wedding planns vennieyancy, venniethecougar-new love, Poor Bengal kitties RidanisRescue, Lonely Guy, I LOVE BEING ME, Crazy Norwegians, RichardNorton CHILD ABUSER. Anyone who dares to criticize Sherri Amirault or Rebecca risks having a video or channel made about them.

The following two videos are from Rebecca Heslop and were published on her now closed YouTube Channel  zallycatzbengals: Ridanos Complaint, Norwegian Rip Off,



"RNtheidiot COMING OUT" by Sherri Amirault

The music accompanying this video titled “RNtheidiot COMING OUT” is Diana Ross - "I'm Coming Out". Sherri Amirault’s sister in law Rebecca used her 16 year old daughters YouTube account to make insulting remarks on Richard Norton's videos and channel. The 16 year olds father found it appropriate to comment about the size of his penis; “…my twinke is bigger than yours”. When the parents are criticized for involving a child “We see how moral reputable you are. Poor daughter, her channel name shamed forever.” it is depressing to read responses like “Shame on me? I don't think so --my daughter is fully aware and supports the fact that i'm speaking out against Richard and the lies he told us-she gave me full permission to use this account”. This theme of this video revolves around homosexuality. It is composed of still images taken from Norton's videos without permission. Several of his friends have accompanying text insinuating they are homosexual. Frame #8 is an image of the autistic and retarded woman Solveig Møskedal strapped to a bed with the text “Richard is into bondage!”
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"Messages from Norway" by Sherri Amirault

This video titled “Messages from Norway” is composed of still images taken from Norton's videos without permission. Music "What’s new pussycat". The images are of Norton and his cats. One exception is frame #12 which is an image of one of the stolen kittens (N)Ridanos Ernest, registration number LO 150382, Microchip 578098100239205.






















"Signe and Richard" by Sherri Amirault

The middle of this video consists of a 15 second long clip of Richard Norton and a woman in a café used without permission. Added to the beginning is the text “My affair with Signe” and at the end “Henrik give me a call”. Some explanation is required.

Richard published several videos of him and this woman in June 2008. After that the following dialog appeared on Sherri Amirault
n’s (now suspended) YouTube channel “mulelover”:

sharon | 13 July 2008
Sometimes I wonder if love is worth all the pain that comes with it.
(Note: sharon is a person who claims to be in love with Norton. Cf. 1, 2, )
mulelover | 14 July 2008
Sharon, sometimes things aren't what they seem. Take it from me, I've found they never are.
RichardNorton | 16 July 2008
Things are indeed not always what they first seem to be.
sharon | 20 July 2008
Leaving a comment on Youtube is like making a wish and throwing a penny in the well. or putting a penny on the railroad track.
RichardNorton | 22 July 2008
Leaving a comment on Youtube is sometimes like pissing in a well. LOL

Normally I would find it very improper to publically write about the following. However in view of the fact Sherri Amirault repeatedly claims that she had sex with me, while in Norway, I feel compelled to do so anyway! Long before Sherri Amirault came to Norway she had sent me some pictures of herself. To say it as dignified as I can, I prefer woman that are much slimmer and more feminine. In addition, without going into details, there are certain distinctive characteristics about Sherri Amirault that I personally find very unattractive. While Sherri Amirault was in Norway she made advances toward me. On one occasion she said “Do you know how naked I am?” I wished to keep the relationship on a friendly basis. To avoid hurting her feelings I told her I was very flattered that she was interested in me, but my “equipment” had not worked for a long time and I was “not into sex”. She seemed to accept that. The Skype chat log is, in fact, conspicuously devoid of any traces of a romantic interest or flirting on my part. Neither before she came to Norway, nor after. As can also be seen in the Skype chat log, the publishing of several videos of me and Signe marked a dramatic turning point in my relationship with Sherri Amirault .

This is one of several videos Sherri Amirault made accusing us of having an illicit affair and cheating on a man named Henrik she lived together with. Sherri Amirault had published the following comments on her YouTube channel:
mulelover | 07 August 2008
Henrik Olsen if you would like to see all the video proof of YOUR lovely Danish women with Richard Norton I had copies sent to me. Richard has deletted them from his channel. Feel free to contact me.
mulelover | 06 August 2008
If any of you know Henrik Olsen from Denmark, let him know Richard Norton is cheating with his girl friend.
Oh so lonely, jeeze maybe I should be friends with a child beater! His love has a boy friend! Henrik Olsen is his name.

The full contact details name, telephone, e-mail and street address were published on YouTube and other members of her family were contacted. Sherri Amirault fooled an apparently demented woman from Eau Claire Wisconsin to send out several bulletins to 60 YouTube channels containing this information. The bulletins are viewable to anyone visiting and one of these 60 channels. Here is one such bulletin:

From: pennymusicMAma
Date: Mon 06 Oct 2008 13:34:46 PDT
Subject: ConvictedChild Abuser NORTON & Affair with another woman,Signe
Body: An Informed source has told me that RICHARDNORTON is a
Convicted Child Abuser & having an affair with Henriks's Signe..
In addition he intimidates decent people, destrroys Channels with his cat 'groupies', makes Fraudulent Channels & hurts kind people with his Lies, deletes Positive comments & makes up Negative ones,
also deletes All the vitriole of his 'cat fans' to make others look bad, Attacks friends of good people & is YT ABUSER.Report him for Abuse & Harassment”

Other bulletins contained specific contact details.


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"A stroll at Sabro" by Sherri Amirault

This video titled “A stroll at Sabro” is a reedit of one of Richard's videos with the same title. The video is ~1 minute long. It shows Signe and him walking in a parking lot and entering the hotel Sabro. The accompanying music was Robbie Williams - The Full Monty Medley. I Richard Norton published several videos of him and this woman on YouTube in June 2008. Sherri Amirault has downloaded the videos and reedited them. 10 seconds between frame 1421 and 1718 the following text has been applied:

“Henrik Olsen 0045 225 (telephone number removed)
Your girl friend is cheating on you with
Richard Norton”


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Norwegian Rip Off by Rebecca Heslop

This video was published on Rebecca Heslops YouTube channel zallycatzbengals and Norwegianripoff channel created 05 November 2008. The profile text on the Norwegianripoff channel was rather long and is be replicated here. Here are the first 3 sentances:

"This channel was made to make everyone aware of a Norwegian breeder that ripped us off. RichardNorton a user here on You Tube runs a disgustingly dirty cattery called Ridanos Bengal. He sold us 2 Bengal kittens back in March 2008."

This video is based on the idea that "Attack is the best form of defense" to deflect attention from the theft of 4 Bengal kittens, the public ridicule of Martha, reneging on the written guarantee, the machinations involving Richard's 16 year old son, the criminal blackmail and disruption of his family and personal life.
Richard denies offering to mentor Rebecca and no reference to such is found anywhere in the email correspondence with her! There is no financial gain or other reason for him to “lie” about the pedigrees.




"Ridanos Complaint" and "Poor Bengal kitties RidanisRescue" videos by Rebecca Heslop & Sherri Amirault

These 2 videos consist of text and a few heavily cropped pictures of cats in cages taken while she was in Norway February 2008. Sherri Amirault
and Rebecca had only the most flattering things to say about Richard's cattery - until June 2008 when he posted a video of him and another woman and asked her to respect a written guarantee and pay Martha back $500 she cheated her out of. Nowhere in the Skype chat log, the e-mail correspondence with Sherri Amirault, Rebecca nor any of the many comments on Richard's videos do we find anything even slightly negative about him or his cattery.

January 2008 Richard had 3 litters bringing the total population up to 17 cats! He got up one morning and Agatha had her eye glued shut. He took her to the vet and she tested positive for Feline Chlamydophila (not to be confused with Chlamydophila in humans).
The cattery was divided into 5 groups and kept isolated from each other. Feline Chlamydophila is very contagious and difficult to eradicate from a cattery. Several cats also diarrhea so samples were sent to the veterinary collage. Treatment for Feline Chlamydophila was liquid antibiotic twice daily, dosage according to weight and Terramycin applied to the eyes 4 times daily after a thorough face wash. Cats over 1 year got a pill + Terramycin 3 times daily. In January it was uncertain how long it would be necessary to continue this treatment. Richard built 3 cages in connection with this to help keep the groups isolated from each other and to help with the administering the medication. The larger cage is 80 X 50 x 46 cm. (2’ 6” X 1’6” X 1’ 5”) and the smaller two, 60 X 50 X 38 cm (2’ X 1’6” X 1’ 2”). When a cat was finished with medication it was transferred from one cage to another. The cats had access to rooms in the house when medication was not being administered and the adult cats had access to two outdoor cages 5 X 5 meters (16’ X 16’) and 2.5 X 4 meters (8’ X 13’). The cages had doors such that the mother could leave the cage and use a litter box. The smaller caged are purposely made low enough such that the mother can’t fully sit up and use the litter box in the cage possibly infecting the kittens by mother-to-kitten transmission.

Sherri Amirault knew about this even before she came to Norway Cf. 1, 2, in the Skype chat log.

"Ridanos Complaint"
"Poor Bengal kitties RidanisRescue"


"wedding planns vennieyancy" by Sherri Amirault

Vennie has dared to criticized Sherri Amirault, Rebecca and the KoolKatsclub. Several YouTube channels have been created to try to insult and intimidate her. The Canadians have also used other forms of harassment for example:

The video "wedding planns vennieyancy" was posted on the vennieyancy YouTube channel that Sherri Amirault created. Vennie’s full name, address and telephone numbers were published on that channel by Sherri Amirault. The background graphic was a picture of Vennie and Richard Norton.
Electricworries allegedly a “Legal Assistant and Vet Technician” with connection to the KoolKatsClub, made the following comment on that channel:

“OMFG this is freaking hilarious! 5++++ stars on this one!!”



"venniethecougar-new love" by Sherri Amirault
This video was made to harass and intimidate Vennie for criticizing Sherri Amirault and Rebecca for their illegal interned activities to divert attention from the theft of the 4 Bengal kittens. The music accompanying the video is “Dream On” By Aerosmith.
Every time I look in the mirror
All these lines on my face getting clearer
Sherri Amirault and Rebecca have often chosen to attack Vennie because she is over 60, instead of talking about the many issues connected with the stolen kittens and the KoolKatsClub.
Frame #12, is a logo from Ghiringhelli’s Pizzeria in California. Sherri Amirault ordered pizza from this restaurant and had it delivered to Vennies home. Sherri Amirault than rang Vennie and said “(?)…are you coming for pizza or what? We are waiting. COME ON! (?)COME ON! You coming over? LETS GO! Come on, we didn’t come all the way to California for nothing! Come on!” The call was recorded. A video was made, “International Criminal Harassment”, comparing the voice on the recording with Sherri Amirault’s voice on a video made while she was in Norway and published on YouTube: More about this here:


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RichardNorton CHILD ABUSER by Sherri Amirault


"Crazy Norwegians" by Sherri Amirault


"I LOVE BEING ME" by Sherri Amirault


"Lonely Guy" by Sherri Amirault