Death threats, warnings & threats of legal intervention.


The Canadian woman’s death threats

Note: Vennies address telephone number was repeatedly published on the following YouTube channels owned by the Canadian woman: vennieyancy January 12, 2009, CRAZYvenniey February 04, 2009, TimLearyfan 12 February 2009, AND venniesacidlounge. A person NewJerseyAttitude posted the sister in laws adresse 19 February 2009. The Canadian woman’s alleged reason for the death threats is because the sister in law and her daughter live at that address.



RidanosLies (the Canadian woman)
Listen you little cunt, my patience are running thin, start deleting or else
RidanosLies (the Canadian woman)
I am promising you
YES you little piece of shit you will meet me if one hair is harmed or either (sister in law) or (sister in laws daughter's) head, thats a promise I will keep. You are fucking with the wrong girl. You want to harss me fine, leave them out of it or pay the price.

Twasn't the pizza so much, she used a program that is illegal to use in such a manner. It's called VoIP. Look it up. A nasty business. My friend who OWNS that pizza parlor wasn't too happy, gettin ripped off for the pizzas they made. Still not the worse she does. How about posting my name address and phone number on youtube? How about messing with David, Richard's son. Mule ACTS protective of  (sister in laws daughter), death threats (even though (daughter ) doesn't live there anymore), but it's okay to mess with a person, a minor who has serious troubles. It's okay to attempt to ruin people's lives, all because a man who befriended her did not want a romantic relationship with her? No way!
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This is a PM i received from (Canadian woman) on You Tube when i put up photos and addresses. Title- I mean what i say Message- If anything happens to my 16 yr old neice or (sister in law), Richard will not live,you have no idea how dangers this just became for him.I am completely serious,yuo have no idea of who you are messing with.I don't mean me,he is one conversation away from his demise.You may want to reconsider your actions. end This is one SICK DEMENTED person! 1st she steals his kittens,then sets out to discredit his reputation,calls Vennie and sends pizza(lol) now she has sent a death threat????? She also sent me a couple of e-mails callimg me a c**t.This is the same word she called me on "canadian kitten theft " video. Sounds like she is alot sicker and demented then we thought.Maybe a little jail time will chill her out?

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Go to my channel to read the DEATH THREAT left for Richard.
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I also received another message...... Subject-CUNT message... Listen you little CUNT,My patience are running thin,start DELETING OR ELSE.

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Sounds like a threat to me !

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DEATH THREAT ! i have received a DEATH THREAT for Richard that was PM'ed to me! Reads as follows ..... Subject-I mean what i say message... If anything happens to my 16 year old neice or (sister in law), Richard WILL NOT LIVE,you have no idea how dangers this just became for him.I am completely serious,You have no idea WHO YOU ARE MESSING WITH. I don't mean me,he is ONE CONVERSATION AWAY FROM HIS DEMISE. You may want to RECONSIDER your actions.



Warnings & threats of legal intervention


Note. Canada affair 05.april.2009. Orientering om Canada saken 05.04.09.

I received the following from The Canadian woman.

”From: The Canadian woman

To: <>

Subject: Eric, is it now??!!

Date: Sat, 4 Apr 2009 20:19:27 +0000

What kind of a moron do you think she is? We all know it is you, OCD is a treatable illness!"

Note: I haven’t a clue what she is talking about. “Erik” was the name of one of the kittens send to Canada. A possibility is that The Canadian woman or her sister in law are sending messages to someone and trying to make it look like I am responsible for them using the alias “Erik”.


“Date: Sat, 4 Apr 2009 23:09:57 -0400

Message-ID: removed

Subject: Ridiculous

From: (The sister in laws 16 year old daughters e-mail account) 

To: Richard Norton <>, Vennie


Richard, first off--stop harassing people that i know. This will lead to more serious litigation, i promise. Also, if you post any of this on youtube, i want to make it clear--I AM NOT GIVING permission. Period.

 You have an issue with (my sister in law the Canadian woman), once again, take it up with her—(name of the sister in laws 16 year old daughter), (name of 16 year old daughter’s father) and myself have NEVER done anything to you. Stop contacting people or getting your cronies to contact people. You are playing with fire. This is ridiculous. We purchased two kittens from you OVER A FREAKING year ago--they are NOT on my website, thank god, and will never be a part of my program, they are PETS. STOP harrassing me and the people i know!!!! You don't think i can't find out who is using what ip for all this?

Give me a break Richard/Eric. LEAVE ME and MY FRIENDS alone!!! Last warning, and i mean it. 

If i have to i WILL provide all correspondence between us as proof and believe me you have pissed Darryl off to the maximum. 

Knock it off.

 PS. Vennie, you WILL be added as an accessory for the harassment if you keep this up also. I have done nothing but request you leave us all alone.  Who the hell are you anyways? A youtube fan that he is using. Jump off the boat before this gets serious. I'm not kidding.

 (The sister in law)”

Note: (email address removed) is the e-mail account of the 16 year old daughter (name removed). Again I haven’t a clue what this is about. I have not corresponded with (the sister in law) or (the Canadian woman) since September 2008. Probably they are writing to each other and will attempt to blame it on me. This reminds me of a well known tactic often used by Nazis. For example the pepper affair where the leader of the Norwegian Nazi party (NS), Vidkun Quisling, was allegedly attacked in 1932 by unknown assailants i.e. (socialists, communists). This is not the first time we see this Canadian kitten mafia using such tactics.


”afoolsConundrum has sent you a message:

Legal Action. 

Mr. Norton,

                I feel in some small way, somewhat responsible for (my sister, the Canadian woman’s) visit to Norway. You see I paid for her plane ticket. She wanted that cat from you and I have never been able to deny her any of her requests. Today she has made a new request of me and I assure you she will have it as well. This once again involves you Mr. Norton. She has asked that I retain a lawyer and Monday morning we will. I implore you to remove your websites and videos relating to her. I wish to wait and act on your decision but as I told you, she will have her request if necessary. (my sister, the Canadian woman) is unaware that I have contacted you. I hope that you will comply to my requests and avoid legal intervention.”


Note: afoolsConundrum is a YouTube account created on the 5th of April. Presumably this is (the Canadian woman’s brother). (This gentleman, in a comment on my video titled “Canada Kitten Fraud - address removed”, for some strange reason felt compelled to inform that he has a bigger penis than I!)

As I replied to him last September, I do indeed hope he retains a lawyer! A lawyer would give legal advice that this Canadian hick does not want to hear!

A real lawyer is going to tell him to:

Stop involving his16 year old daughter in this adult dispute.

Stop the machinations to exploit a conflict between me and my 16 year old son in this adult dispute. I.e. offering my son money to design a logo for a cattery involved in the theft on 4 Bengal kittens from his father, remarks about what share of the money he gets, or doesn’t get, from selling cats etc.

Stop sending me private messages like the above, with childish attempts to sound like a lawyer and threats about “legal intervention” (particularly when he does not even have the balls to use his own name.) A favorite slogan of the legal profession is; “Anyone who acts as their own lawyer has a fool for a client!

Stop his family members from creating more YouTube channels with the sole purpose of sending threatening, intimidating, or obscene messages, to me, my friends or anyone else for that matter.

Stop his family members from creating more YouTube channels, videos or websites, often using my name, my cattery name or names similar to mine, or the names of others i.e.: Richardnortonn, richardnorton3, richardhectornorton, Crazyoldvenniey, CRAZYvenniey, DracoGerm, DracoNotaGem, EclipsetheHarasser, EclipseWebBS, Electricworries, fun4seeker, Melanie3332313135249, Mulelover, Muleloversherri, NewJerseylowlife, nolifenorton, NorwegianripOff, Pretendunomeidiot, Richardgiveitup, RichardHectorNorton, RichardNortonn, richardnorton3, RichardNortonRidanos, RichardtheABUSER, RidanosBengalAbuse, RidanosBengalsNorway, Ridanoscatabuse, RidanosLies, RNtheidiot, SherriandDansing, Sherrinewchannel, sherrischannel, sherrispage, SnortinNortons, snowmandansing, Solveigthehoe, Theliesaregone, TimLearyfan, Viagrahelpme, uneed2getagrip, venniesacidlounge, venniethecougar, vennieyancy.

A reall lawyer will discuss with him my three demands:

1.   Pay back Martha the $500 she was originally cheated out of. Martha was intimidated and ridiculed publically and privately by both the Canadian woman and her sister in law. (cf. numerous comments on YouTube videos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17,  channels private correspondence.) The Canadian woman has made very insulting remarks to Martha and even threatened her. Because of the Canadian woman’s refusal to honor the written guarantee i.e. take the kitten back and refund the $500, Martha was forced to work with a kitten that had developed serious behavioral problems and eventually find a suitable home for it. Martha should be compensated for this and I feel that $1.500 would be a suitable amount.

2.  Provide information about the whereabouts of the other three kittens.

3.  Work out a payment plan to pay me my share.

I am not sure what his lawyer will advise him to do. It’s a tough question. The reputation of the family's cattery has due to both his sister and her sister in law’s criminal shenanigans has been contaminated. This has also affected the Kool Kats Club. The situation is now a fait accompli and is perhaps little to be gained by complying to my demands.






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The mule says she has nothing against Signe, Richards Danish girlfriend! Sherri claimed Signe was cheating on her Danish boyfriend with Richard.
Here is what the mule wrote on Signes channel in August.
I was contacted and given the above name of your boy friend Henrik. I also have his phone number. Too bad I will have to contact him. Maybe Richard will find out how much it sucks to get beat up!
mulelover August 2008

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Just a few of the many examples of the mule dropping docs
Henrik Ol*** if you would like to see all the video proof of YOUR lovely Danish women with Richard Norton I had copies sent to me. Richard has deletted them from his channel. Feel free to contact me.
mulelover August 2008
If any of you know Henrik Ol*** from Denmark, let him know Richard Norton is cheating with his girl friend.
The mule wrote this on her own channel and several videos;
Henrik Ol*** your girl friend is cheating on you with Richard Norton.

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And more from the mule
Oh so lonely, jeeze maybe I should be friends with a child beater! His love has a boy friend! Henrik Ol*** is his name. Ask her about him. I found out what a piece of work Richard is, not to late for you too.
The mules video Crazy Norwegians included text It is acceptable in Norway to have affairs and a video clip of the Danish girl and Richard in a Café was shown.

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The mule put the telephone numbers to the boyfriend on her now suspended channel.
Here is where you find him Henrik (Richard Nortons address and telephone number.)
Why all the channel changes Richard? Are you afraid of the lovely Danish womens hubby Henrik? You should be...hope you get what you deserve.
The mule published Signe and Henriks telephone number several times. Penny later sent a bulletin to 60 people with this info.

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SmarmySmurf is back ,Her comment " Why keep kicking a dead Mule,Get a life" is very laughable. Sharon,What are you talking about? YOU have no life,a woman with the lowest esteem i have ever met .Still in love with your ex who divorced you YEARS ago.Maybe you think you don't deserve better? What a crying shame ! But i also noticed that you favorited that slimey disrespectful video from the MULE.

RidanosLies (8 hours ago)
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Hey NJA now you are posting a 16 year old girls address. A new low for even you.

MrStinkyNorton (15 hours ago)
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You know you want me, everyone does!!!