About the pedigrees

The pedigrees to these three cats are Norwegian class II. Sherri Amirault was thoroughly informed about the difference between class I and class II before she even came to Norway; that class II was unique to Norway and probably would not prohibit breeding in Canada. Sherri Amirault chose class II for economic reasons. I will in that connection mention that she, for a period of several days, had a grand total of $0.66 on her bank card! Sherri Amirault was also informed that if the pedigrees were to be upgraded the buyers would need to pay an additional 70 NOK = ~ $13.00 CAD for each pedigree and send them back to Norway. I told her she must inform the buyers of this. Sherri Amirault said she had informed Rebecca Heslop and her brother Darryl Amirault about this.

(Sherri Amirault, her sister in law Rebecca Heslop and her brother Darryl Amirault have made a counter-accusation that I have not informed Sherri about the difference between class I and II pedigrees. Therefore I am "deceitful" and have caused a "financially draining" on her sister in laws family by selling them un-breedable kittens. This counter-accusation is an obvious attempt to divert attention from and justify Sherri Amirault's theft of four kittens. Can anyone think of a logical explanation why I would not have informed Sherri Amirault about class I and II pedigrees?) Her sister in law Rebecca Heslop uses her 16 year old daughters YouTube account "zoeychristina" to write all these counter-accusations!

Rebecca Heslops YouTube channel zallycatzbengals and Norwegianripoff channel was created 05 November 2008. The profile text on the Norwegianripoff channel was as follows:

"This channel was made to make everyone aware of a Norwegian breeder that ripped us off. RichardNorton a user here on You Tube runs a disgustingly dirty cattery called Ridanos Bengal. He sold us 2 Bengal kittens back in March 2008. These kitten where the first of our now 9 Bengals. He was aware we were just starting out and offered to help Mentor us. We sent update pictures and pictures of the mates we bought to breed with these kittens. He approved of our choices and told us we would need the original pedigrees to breed and sell the off spring. We had been asking for these pedigree papers for months, finally on July 17, 2008 4 months after we bought these kittens we received the pedigrees which were wrong. RichardNorton registered the kittens as "pets" When we tried to contact him, he refused to talk to us. So we had no choice but to contact his cat club the NRR. After many emails and weeks past we were told RichardNorton had withdrawn his membership and the NRR could no longer help us. Recently the breeder put a video on You Tube showing he was indeed still registered and had infact just registered new kittens. We have made a new complaint with the NRR and are waiting for a reply."