Many of the Canadian woman’s claims in her e-mail "The whole story..." are impossible or extremely unlikely.

For example, the Canadian woman writes the following about (N)Ridanos Dansing who had only 3 feet.

Unfortunately the Mother had eaten it and some of his sisters toes and Richard told me he was going to have them put down if he couldn't find someone who wanted them.”

She is apparently trying to insinuate that my cats get so little food that they must resort to cannibalism.

Does this make since? The mother chewing of just the hind leg on one kitten, the toes on another and then decided her hunger was satisfied! This would leave open and excruciatingly painful soars on both kittens. It is doubtful that these two kittens would ever survive such an injury for very long. How would a Veterinarian be pretty much required by Norwegian animal welfare laws to deal with such an excruciatingly painful injury on two small kittens? There are two videos of these kittens in contact with a Veterinarian. “Kittens Visit The Vet” 16.Jan.2008  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRWkFKtIyN8 and «At the Vet!» 26. Feb 2008 http://www.livevideo.com/video/RichardNorton/D9154BBD4DE5488DB9C8349FBFE8FE7A/at-the-vet-.aspx

I also have unpublished video of visits to the Vet.

What really happened was the leg and foot of two kittens got tangled in the umbilical cord. This cut off blood circulation, the leg then dries up and eventually falls off. Accidents like this are not uncommon. The Canadian woman is a chronic liar.

The Canadian woman repeatedly claims that she rescued these kittens because I was going to “have them put down”. None of the other persons I offered these kittens to was told that they would be put down. There would be absolutely no problem finding a home in my neaborhood for those kittens. After all did not the Canadian woman come all the way to Norway to “save” the little kitten? (Or did she come for an entirely different reason?)