他们并不在乎我的名誉会受到损害。我不期望, 也不需要这一类道德标准如此低的人的支持。
另外一些人认为我应该宽容,原谅我的妻子, 不要再说我妻子的坏话,并且把整件事情都忘记。
请设想一个假设的情形:一个你认识的人需要一些钱去帮助她的一个犯了罪的家庭成员。或许弄不到钱的话这个人会进监狱。 于是这个人和她的家庭成员决定捏造一个关于你的故事并把它卖给所谓的内幕杂志(诽谤杂志)。 你以前曾经经常出现在报纸以及电视辩论节目因为你反对卖淫和对儿童的性虐待?或许他们会编造一个故事说你就是妓女! 他们在报纸上读到一个故事:一个挪威妇女因为长期性侵她的弱智的儿子和女儿, 从而被送进了监狱。这些性侵的行为始于孩子们大约六岁的时候,并且性侵同时会有这个妇女的男朋友在一边拍摄录像。 这会是一个很容易出售的题材。你不相信这个妇女会做这种事情?可以看一下这些链接:



虐待可以是一种肉体上的,比如暴力或其他各种形式的殴打,也可以是精神层面的,比如以暴力相威胁; 性虐待是指无论对方口头或行为上的抵抗,仍坚持与对方有性接触。根据我所了解的我的妻子对我的指控包含了性虐待!我从来没有以任 何方式性虐待我的妻子!我从来没有以任何方式对我的妻子实施家暴!我也从来没有威胁我妻子说要对她实施家暴!



Some people think it is quite acceptable for my wife to cheat and try to get a Norway residence permit by falsely accusing me of abusing her.

They do not care if it damages my reputation. I do not want or need the support of people with such low moral standards.

Other people say I should be tolerant, forgiving, not talk negative about my wife and forget the whole matter.

Consider a hypothetical situation. A person you know needs some money to help a family member that has done something criminal. Maybe this person will go to jail if they donít get the money. This person and the family member decide they will fabricate a story about you and try to sell it to a slander magazine. You have some years previous been in the newspapers and television campaigning against prostitution and sexual abuse of children? Maybe they can fabricate a story that you are a prostitute! They read a newspaper about a Norwegian woman that is going to jail because she had sex with both her mentally handicapped son and daughter. These sexual abuses started when the children were about six years old and were often videotaped by the motherís boyfriend. That would be a good story to try to sell! You donít believe that women do such things? Here are some links:

Would you be tolerant and forgiving?

When my wife chooses to go to the womenís shelter, she is making a very public statement that I have abused her. Abuse can be of a physical nature, for example in the form of violence or other kinds of assault, or it can be of a mental nature, for example threats of violence. Sexual abuse can be touching another person in a sexual manner despite the personís verbal or physical resistance. According to my sources my wifeís accusations include sexual abuse! I have never in any way sexually abused my wife! I have never used any form of violence on my wife! I have never threatened to use violence against my wife!