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Note: The channels marked in Red belong to the Canadian woman with the probabable exception of Electricworries. At first it was thought that electricworries was the sister in law. However in view of this person’s unfamiliarity with certain details one is now inclined to believe this person is a “friend” doing the Canadian woman a favor. This person claims to be a “Legal Assistant and Vet Technician” with connections in the KoolKatsClub. This so called “Legal Assistant” cowardly hides behind the Electricworries channel to broadcast malicious libel and slander. The oldest comments are at the bottom, the newest at the top. The most recent comments by electricworries are undoubtedly written by the Canadian woman.
Some of the comments on this electricworries channel are replies to comments I have made on other channels for example the Koolkatsclub channel. I never comment on a channel controlled by the Canadian woman or her sister in law. All comments by me on this kitten dispute are always written using the richardnorton channel which is identical to my real name Richard Norton. I am not a coward and I have no need for anonymity in this matter. The Atlantic Ocean and the price of even a flophouse in Norway, keep stalkers, nut cases and diaper astronauts at bay.

SherriandDansing (6 hours ago) Spam
Funny how he forgets to tell? the truth, maybe it is not his fault, he does have brain damage from his thrombosis.

Electricworries (7 hours ago) Spam
I don't mind this is what happens when people block comments because they don't want to hear the truth or real responses from real people--that's? why i barely come on here anymore-it's mostly just aggravation and a bunch of people speculating on things they know nothing about. I couldn't BELEIVE the junk that RN was going on about. LOLOLOLOL!!!! A few of us just had a real good laugh over all that "customs" junk with the numbers and everything--does he really talk like that in real life? LOL! He would be the one in trouble for lies if it came to that--he's the "breeder" (of sorts hehe) shipping the cats to some girl he has the hots for as a gift!!--anyway, emails are amazing things!! HEHEHE! I hope someone calls and complains with his crap because HE would be paying for HIS deceit in sending the cats to Canada as GIFTS that now he's saying were not and HE filled out the shipping papers--HELLLLLOOO --STUPID!

SherriandDansing (7 hours ago) Spam
There? you are! So sorry to post all these responses to ridiculous comments here but I am blocked from Richard and Vennieys channels cause the truth hurts apparently!

Electricworries (7 hours ago) Spam
Richard Norton are you seriously as messed as you seem to be? YOU as a breeder sent these cats as GIFTS --the only one at fault with any type of government or customs issue is YOU. Get over it. You lost your lover? and stop acting like a big baby--waaaah!! It didn't work out so get over it and move on to one of your other "faithful" followers--as in veinney.
All of your fake KKC stuff has been really humorous for people like me that know it's a bunch of crap -- just an opportunity for you to once again make false accusations and cover it up with phone numbers and mumbo jumbo!! Where is your proof of anything wrong doing towards you? I've asked a million bazillion times and still have never had an answer, hmmmm, the only person that will/would suffer from people calling up customs would be the breeder--YA--YOU hehehehehe, you continue to entertain.

SherriandDansing (10 hours ago) Spam
I know breeders who import and export cats every day and if the breeder does not put a price for the individual cat then when they come to customs an estimate is made of value and duty paid by the person who was sent them. It is the breeders responsibility to send a letter or contract of the value and if the cat is to be bred or is a? pet. If their are no documents from the breeder in the first place then they have no legal standing point to say otherwise. Please feel free to go to the KoolKatsClub channel and use the phone numbers provided by RichardNorton to confirm what I have just said is true!

pennymusicMAma (12 hours ago) Spam
OCD - & Sociopaths.
The Staulker, Abuser, Harrasser, Liar, Hater, Buffoon, Bully who Threatens, attempts to Destroy others &? uses Profanities & Character a Psychopath, as well. He gets pleasure
out of hurting, taunting, & mocking sweet, loving, beautiful, innocent animals & people.

SherriandDansing (13 hours ago) Spam
Oh ya and he is telling everyone (venniey) to call and report me, then listed the numbers! lol What a riot! lol Good LUCK Richard, #1 it was a year ago! #2 I have the documents that say they were gifts #3 All of these cats but Dansing have been altered. #4 Nothing can be done, you have no contract or proof of any kind on your end!
Funniest part of all this is they (Ricahrd and Vennie) have spent? their day looking up Canadian phone numbers and commenting endlessly here on You Tube about me! Can anyone say OCD?

SherriandDansing (13 hours ago) Spam
Oh they are just spinning today! Get this one Richard has made a comment on his KKC channel telling everyone that his 4 pet quality class 2 Bengals are worth $3000 dollars each!!! lol hahahahahehehehehe, I am sure that? one will make you giggle!

SherriandDansing (15 hours ago) Spam
Funny how Dansings 5 little kittens have caused such an uproar! Well? that is for a couple of idiots who have nothing better to do then come on You Tube and discuss them! lol WOW get a life people, it is not really that interesting! It's not like I am gonna sell you one!

SherriandDansing (6 hours ago) Spam
Aren't Dansings? babies AWESOME!!!

SherriandDansing (6 hours ago) Spam
Richard says that I am deflecting EVERYTIME he doesn't want to answer my questions! lol Whatever, it doesn't matter, we both know the? truth, "MY" cat Dansing was born on the 28th of November 2007, and who give a crap anyway, only you and probably Venniey for god knows what reason.

SherriandDansing (1 hour ago) Spam
Why not talk about that Richard? Tell us all how much money David has got from the sale of the kittens he ownes half of? Lets hear all? about it, can't wait!

SherriandDansing (1 hour ago) Spam
Ricahrd when was the last? time you talked to David? Or gave him his share of the profits for all the kittens you've sold. You like to point out that David is the partner in your cattery, but yet he has never seen a dime of the profit. Hmmmmmm isn't that a coincidence, you tell everyone I owe you money for kittens you sent me. Hmmmmm yet your business partner/son has been ripped off for what 2 years now. I asked David and he said he hasn't seen any money from you, from kitten sales or other wise. What a great guy you are!

Electricworries (1 day ago) Spam
Oh wow, is that babe in your vid ever awesome :))))) Look at those blue eyes! Are you breeding? him or is he for show?

SherriandDansing (2 days ago) Spam
Vennie how predictable, of course? you don't believe anything I say or post. You also didn't answer the question sharon asked. But thats ok you can pretend to be all knowing, we are use to it! lol

SherriandDansing (58 minutes ago) Spam
Go Bara Go!!! lol Don't let him threaten you, bullying women and children is? his specialty.

SherriandDansing (1 hour ago) Spam
tootnbarb sure got RN all worked up, it's so funny!? She's his enemy now, she dared to tell him that something he didn't want to hear!!!!

SherriandDansing (14 hours ago) Spam
Oh, I see you have Dansings kittens video in your favorites.? Aren't they adorable, want one?!!

RidanosLies (1 day ago) Spam
It is just Richard and Venniey left fightin'? the good fight. Richard will continue his slander for the rest of his days because of his illness, but venniey? I think vennie stays loyal for a whole other reason. I gotta ask you vennie, how do you like hearing him talk about another women every day? Hows that working out for you!? lol

nolifenorton (14 hours ago) Spam
venniey is throwing a hissy fit? over on her channel! She's having a, "I know you are, but what am I," moment over there. So predictable and dull, yawn venniey, we've all heard you whine before. GET A LIFE!

RidanosLies (10 hours ago) Spam
Now RichardNorton has posted some of your comments as the background for his CanadianrippOff channel.? I guess they have nothing better to do then obsess over what we write.

Electricworries (1 day ago) Spam
PS.? If my stuff is not removed from your channel asap, i will be reporting you. Get a life.

Electricworries (1 day ago) Spam
veinney--as you posted on your channel--i am not "mule" nor do? i personally know this person as i've said before. Also, i'm not spreading rumors about anybody. I know for a fact that Denise was reported. However i still fail to see how this has anything to do with your issues or you. Stop posting saying i'm someone that i'm not.

RidanosLies (1 day ago) Spam
Babysitting these morons while they post their BS all over the internet everyday is such a waste of time. Too bad their illnesses delude them. Maybe one day they'll seek? help before their time runs out! One can only hope!

RidanosLies (27 minutes ago) Spam
Venniey wants to warn the KoolKatsClub about me!!?? Can you believe that they actually think any of them give a shit what she says. lol They are the top breeders in Canada and make more on their SHOW quality cats in one year then either of them have made in 10 years! I guess thats why they have to keep talking? about it, jealousy is their motivator. Whatever makes your day more interesting venniey. I guess you can only talk to the cats for so long! Say hi to your main man Archie for me!!

RidanosLies (41 minutes ago) Spam
One person, 11 channels, RichardNorton, KoolKatsClub, RippedoffNorweigian, CanadianripOff, pawonyou, globengals, theApron, ladywiththebeard, marthacanada, LittleCatArurora and Sokkmarionette. All of these channels are used by RichardNorton to harass, threaten and slander. I am sure I missed a few. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder could explain some of this behavior. And of? course the brain damage cause by his thrombosis. Someone needs psychiatric care.

Electricworries (1 hour ago) Spam
The NRR and FIFe should be notified, the proof of over breeding? is right here on You Tube.

RidanosLies (1 hour ago) Spam
Ripping off a Canadian breeder, then harassing a Canadian Cat Club, all the while running a kitten mill. How has he not been shut down? The disgraceful condition of his cattery and his over breeding are reason enough. I feel for those poor cats, having to live in substandard conditions? and having to be over bred because of there owners greed. Sickening!!!

RidanosLies (1 hour ago) Spam
Thats what I'd call? it! Disgusting man!

Electricworries (1 hour ago) Spam
Ridanos? kitty mill?

RidanosLies (1 hour ago) Spam
Wonder if Ridanos Agatha is pregnant again?? She has had 3 litters in less then a year. This is frowned upon here in North America. Bad ethics, being cruel to your cats like that. Wonder what the NRR or FIFe think about it?

RidanosLies (1 day ago) Spam
Venniey paints her house green, buys a thank u jerry plate and? drops some acid-- so of course she's a dead head now!! Mean while she doesn't even know the name of the Deads biggest hit "Casey Jones" What a fraud!! Then 8 hours later she notices her mistake and makes a Clapton reference to try and hide her ignorance. !!!!! hahaha lol Venniey honey the jig is up we know you are full of it!!!

RidanosLies (13 hours ago) Spam
Hi, I just got your PM, I am working tomorrow till 4. Any? time after that I can go. I can meet you at the 5:12 train. Email me, I bring my iphone to work. ttyl..

RidanosLies (2 days ago) Spam
I checked the papers and haven't seen any story? about it all yet have you?

RidanosLies (5 hours ago) Spam
Ya, I heard all about it.? Bad news travels fast!!! lol

Electricworries (5 hours ago) Spam
OMG! did? you hear about denise and the real KKC? too much eh? i can't believe it!!!

RidanosLies (12 hours ago) Spam
Hey Electric, can't wait to see you at the show. We are staying in Toronto for the night. I will PM you with the details of the where abouts. Martin is renting? a car for the weekend, his truck only seats 3. So we can pick you and your man up if you don't want to drive. I get to wear my new boots!! Lets hope for decent weather. ttyl...

TimLearyfan (2 days ago) Spam
I lied, I said I NEVER insult or name call, I have made a list of my comments from the confession video were I insult and give out personal info about people I? don't know. Too much LSD, I'm losing my mind.

Electricworries (2 days ago) Spam
Venniey, comments aren't closed--just yours--you make no sense at all and you? are just rallying around a man that seriously has issues and i'm sick of reading this stuff. No offense, i'm just tired of it--if you want to battle with Sherri or other people let them post on your channel. Oh, and by the way you have blocked remember? I think i've been pretty cool about letting you bash out over here but now it's just plain boring. BYE!

pennymusicMAma (3 days ago) Spam
Does YT know about: RN's 'The Confession' - he calls my little dog despicable names & me, plus pretends
thru' fake 'telepathy with Agatha that She killed the white kitten ( he stated in comments on another video that she"murdered it"/ to save it from a fate worse than death-referring the other white Bengal, I think it was "Dansing" that? was sent to that Canadian ,meaning Sherri. Also, his ' Haifa & the Evil Eye of Camilla' has a scroll on it referring to "Capi's" pale blue eyes..." Another,"Goodbye Goldie" - RN has used the death of this
sweet kitty, whom I really liked, & he deleted my Positive,Consoling comments & twisted comments to turn people against me - as a Forum of hate against me - his Commentary on the rightis a TOTAL LIE against
.me, & he is definately NOT a medical or psychological expert! A sociopath/psychopath, yes who would Use
the passing of this innocent kitty to generate False Hate. So here are 3 more RN videos that YT should remove.

RidanosLies (4 days ago) Spam
You Tube has removed 2 of my videos from RN's channel and I am working on a third. I wonder if he is going to be? suspended again?

RidanosLies (1 hour ago) Spam
Penny, you should read what venniey is saying now on her channel!!! She is acting all innocent, when she has indeed harassed you, the evidence is all over RN's video comments. Richard and nitwit friends have been threatening, harassing and abusing Penny and Capi for almost a year now.? Oh and btw venniey, I think Penny is a lovely lady and her dog is gorgeous little sweet heart. You only wish you looked half as good as she does.

RidanosLies (1 hour ago) Spam
What person in their right mind would promote LSD use? Hey venniey what does you daughter think about you using illegal substances? Having drugs in your green house while you grand son is there, whats she think about that? Maybe someone should forward your comments on LSD to? crime stoppers before you influence an innocent child. Think about it, what do you think would happen if your grand son took some of your LSD by mistake?

pennymusicMAma (2 hours ago) Spam
Venniey, You hate to hear this, because you are so jealous - I AM a successful Professional Musician who has never done drugs (like you) , nor? am I a drunk or old albino drag queen & all the profanities your 'friends' & RICHARD NORTON call me, deny my Credentials & taunt my rescued dog. Your 'words' mean nothing.
You are pathetic & sociopaths. You live to Hate, Lie, Abuse, Harass, Threaten, Staulk like RN ( all his False channels that he hides behind) & 'friends' - for your lives are worthless. Try, just once , to BE KIND & Stop the Lies. Your bad Friend,NewJerseyAbuser ,was Suspended for her Fraudulent HATE channels - by YouTube.

RidanosLies (1 day ago) Spam
Oh and btw vennie, Warren is touring with the Mule? right now they were in Chicago Friday night. Like I said you are out of your league on this one.

RidanosLies (1 day ago) Spam
lol, start back paddling fast honey, and re-read your last? comment!! You asked me what my favorite bands using. I have known Warren for almost 14 years now, and I can say that he is NOT into any of the crap you just listed. My point is that anyone who is promoting the use of LSD is an idiot.
I can just picture Warrens face if you start bad mouthing me! lol Not that you'll ever get the chance to talk to him, back stage my ass! Like their gonna let your crusty old ass back there!! lol

venniey (1 day ago) Spam
Out of my league? No, I'm in my element. I have never listened to Gov't Mule, not the point. You are bad mouthing behavior here on Youtube, that your personal experience has brought you into contact with through people you admire. I'm betting that some of those musicians have used more than pot in the past!? So what are you talking about!! Want me to remember you to Warren when I'm backstage? He might remember you! Cool.

RidanosLies (1 day ago) Spam
Oh you want to talk about Warren? I know? for a fact that he is a pot smoker and lobbies for legalization but he is NOT into anything else. I met Warren the first time back in 1995 when he was touring with the Allman Brothers. I also met the bass player Allen Woody that same show. Woody and I were good friends, I traveled with the band off and on for 5 years till Woody death in Aug. 2000. I have seen Warren play with Phil Lesh and friends and also with the Dead and the Mule. There is nothing you can tell me about the man I don't already know. I have over 100 live shows on cd and have seen him play at least 50 times now and at least half of them I was front row or back stage. Enough said I think you are out of your league on this one.

venniey (1 day ago) Spam
What are your favorite bands using!!!!! Brain frying drugs? Psychoactive drugs? Presciption drugs? Alcohol? Did they ever? Goverment Mule baby, Warren Hayes who is currently touring with the Dead, who I'm going to see twice? this summer,hurray!, you go bug on these folk like this. LOL! Silly stuff!

RidanosLies (2 days ago) Spam
Venniey your brain? is fried from all that LSD!

NEWJERSEYABUSER (46 minutes ago) Spam
My 2 cents, I know for a fact that Richard NEVER called your lovely little flower(sarcasm) that disrespectful name. Funny that an underage child can make disparaging remarks on YT,maybe if the PARENTS monitored said behavior and not? encouraged it would never have happened.

venniey (1 hour ago) Spam
Gee, I don't know, Electricworries says the emails are real. That's all I wanted to know. Give it up. Richard would never call her a whore, that's not his style. My business? Theft from a friend of mine? Your personal attacks on me? So many people here on YouTube asked you to stop harassing and pay back the money from the kittens you were given tempoary care of. Your response was an uncontrolled? flipout. Only Z's family knows her address, she moved out months ago, remember? Oh, it's ALLOWED not aloud! LOL

RidanosLies (3 hours ago) Spam
Can you believe venniey's new comments on RN channel? In one breath she is telling us" it is not her way," to email Canadian breeders, acting like she hasn't harassed them. But here she is still talking about emails from 6 months ago?? What a ding bat. Too much acid is my guess. Venniey let it go you, try to think of something else to talk about, it's old news.

RidanosLies (1 day ago) Spam
Finally 4? channels of NJA gone!

RidanosLies (1 hour ago) Spam
Venniey do you really blame us? Seriously, you emailed their cat club to spread lies and try to hurt their reputation. Why?? Because they know me. The only reason any of them made a You Tube account is because they had to defend themselves against you and Richards slanderous lies. Richard calls my 16 year old niece a whore and you wonder why she was aloud to make comments about it? If you had of minded your own business you wouldn't have made yourself a target, it is that simple. Own up and take responsibility for your own actions.

venniey (3 minutes ago) Spam
What? I didn't go get your info off the Internet like you did to me. I haven't posted your info up on Youtube, like you have mine! I wonder why you are trying to tell everyone where your niece lives? though! Be quiet! Let her parents deal with this, they probably don't want you to be involved with this! Her mother never should have "outed" her daughter's channel to be ugly on Youtube, or allowed and encouraged her to attack people YOU'RE angry with.. That was really irresponsible!

RidanosLies (27 minutes ago) Spam
Venniey, I think the question is why is NJA bogus channel? have my nieces address on it? Dangers game she is playing at. RichardNorton you better hope and pray nothing bad happens because you gave her the address.

venniey (1 hour ago) Spam
Why is mule telling everyone where her niece lives? This is odd!?

HORRENDOUSHARRASSER (18 minutes ago) Spam
What a bitch? !

RidanosLies (1 hour ago) Spam
NEWJERSEYABUSER? has posted my 16 year old nieces address, a new low even for her.

RidanosLies (4 hours ago)
NEWJERSEYABUSER-- When does the paper bag come off? Some one has self esteem? issues? It's ok Jersey girl, having a face only a mother could love, it's whats inside that counts! OOppppsy, Oh ya I forgot, your just a miserable ........

MrStinkyNorton (4 hours ago)
You know you want me,? everyone does!!!

RidanosLies (10 hours ago)
KKC aka RichardNorton, give it up, you are not a member of this club and they all think you are disgusting! They are all aware of your lack of breeder ethics and none of them will EVER talk to you again because of your harassment. You are such a coward of a man, bugging and abusing women and children. You should hang your unwashed head in shame!?

RidanosLies (1 hour ago) Spam
KKC aka RichardNorton, give it up, you are not a member of this club and they all think you are disgusting! They are all aware of your lack of breeder ethics and none of them will EVER talk to you again because of your harassment. You are such a coward of a man, bugging and abusing women and children. You should hang your unwashed head in shame!?

KoolKatsClub (51 minutes ago) Spam
Electric, first, there are TWO emails from The Pres.? Are you referring the second email? Right, i agree. SO why did the secretary write that last email claiming very strongly that Denise would Never write like that? Any idea? What's that about? Second, you're not becca, I'm thinking, maybe a guy. Is it for money or sex you're doing this for. You clearly don't really understand what's happened, but you're fighting for the mule. Richard thinks it's for sex with mule, i say NO, it must be with the S-I-L. This mercenary crap is transparent now. Just a front.

RidanosLies (1 hour ago) Spam
NEWJERSEYABUSER says she has never shown her face because she is afraid of me!!! AHAAHAHAHAHA Ya right, thats the reason!!! You have been around for a long time NJA, why didn't you post a pic of yourself before there was any animosity between any of us? Lets hear this excuse. lol
Penny who cares what RN and his dimwit crew have to say, we are confident women and certainly don't need validation from the likes of? them. None of them can take away from the loving relationship you have with your sweet Capi. These people are just sad, it is oblivious that they have no self worth and need to put down everyone else to build themselves up.

pennymusicMAma (1 hour ago) Spam
HORRENDOUSHARRASSER / NEWJERSEYABUSER - maker for the LIAR/ABUSER - RICHARD NORTON of :FRAUDULENT/IMPERSONATION : 'CRAPPYCAPISTRIKES' with False Subscribers of my Friends, with me ( you took my personal Photo) for your False Profile & a nationally Respected News/Law Investigater on Background - Now YOU'RE in? TROUBLE , along with RN!! -- Show your UGLY, EVIL Face - Jealous, Hateful , ABUSIVE Sociopath. You've seen my Real Current Photo & stole it for your Agregious FRaUDULENT Channel Against my rescued little innocent Pekingese, , along with his video & nefariously re-titled it , disgusting & VIOLATED YOUTUBE RULES. She - NJA ,& Venniey are mentally ill, like Changling21 & RN.


Electricworries (9 hours ago) Spam
Venniey: Your talking about "moral depravity"? You--the one who is? on here promoting LSD as a "sacrament"? OMG you are looped. Who can take anything you say seriously, really.

Electricworries (10 hours ago) Spam
Heh, really, so he quit instead of investigation? That's pretty unethical if you ask me and he complains about other? people? Puh-leeeze.

RidanosBengalsNorway (1 day ago) Spam
Please watch my new video about a Bengal Breeders lies and abuse.?

Electricworries (1 day ago) Spam
quoting venniey "See A So Not Kool Kats Club Video on livevideo, at Koolkatsclub channel ! Anyone who thinks a secretary writes that way is hardly literate. Admitting she was trying to keep the cat theft from her club, makes Denise seem very unprofessional, and corrupt. Saying that Richard bathing his cat looked like he was fondling himself, outrageous! Someone has a dirty mind! I would think the email to Richard, would be most believable, the whole thing is? a puzzle."--you are messed up girl, that email is true, you look ridiculous to all of us that know. Go take some more acid :P

Electricworries (1 day ago) Spam
PS. NJA--"whore" ? Nice mouth--if that's the? best you have to say--hmmm, feel sorry for you girl :P

Electricworries (1 day ago) Spam
veinney--why are you so intense about this crap? There has been NO proof of any "stealing" of cats--i have asked in numerous posts for some kind of PROOF, there isn't any--RN refuses to post any and all i've had from innocent questions is crap--so? you just get off on posting lies? Sorry, but maybe you should research before you back or slam someone--i do.

RidanosLies (5 hours ago) Spam
NewJerseysABUSERS insults? about others looks is just a reflection of her own inadequacies. Pathetic really!

TimLearyfan (6 hours ago) Spam
Electricworries, someone is jealous! Funny NEWJERSEYABUSER insults your looks but is too afraid to show her? own face. We don't need to see what she looks like to know it is'nt pretty!

Well,if you think that ElectricWHORE is beautiful then cum? see me!

TimLearyfan (15 hours ago) Spam
Hi Electricworries,? I am lonely and am in need of some love. You are a beautiful women, can you give me some advice on how to catch a man?

RidanosLies (15 minutes ago) Spam
Go to Vennieys channel and read? how she is promoting LSD use! This explains everything, she is hallucinating.

TimLearyfan (49 minutes ago) Spam
I know who you are!!? BEWARE Archie doesn't like you!!


RidanosLies (1 hour ago) Spam
Venneiy has a whole new conspiracy? theory going on now! You can read her ramblings on RN channel. No the LSD didn't harm her mind in anyway!!! She is as sharp as a tool!!! lol

RidanosLies (9 hours ago) Spam
Electricworries-- RichardNorton has to attack and harass Rebecca and the KKC because he knows that he can't do anything to Sherry. He sent her cats and because things didn't turn out the way he wanted he went crazy. Just like when he hurt David for not doing what he wanted. RN has some serious? mental issues. Can you say control freak and OCD.....He will live out the rest of his days in pursuit of constant revenge because of his mental instabilities. If he can't even manage to make amends with his only child, it is hopeless to think he'll ever stop his harassment.

RidanosLies (9 hours ago) Spam
Penny, all you have to do is go? to the abuse and privacy center and click on Impersonation to report the CRAPPICAPISTRIKES channel. Do it everyday until it is removed. I can't do it for you or I would have already. If you need help I'm here for ya.

pennymusicMAma (2 hours ago) Spam
Correction of Name of the FALSE CHANNEL spelling: now - 'CRAPPYCAPISTRIKES' - RN & his gang have hidden the original subscribers they claimed, all friends of mine, who would Never approve of such a heinous
Fraud channel against "Capi" & me. I still encourage anyone with decency to Report the previously Suspended RN , who is on Probation, & New Jersey Abuser(Attitude)who made 2 previous 'CrappyCapi' false channels for RN (suspended by YT) RN calls "Capi" - "crappy" - to Contact YouTube for ABUSE & HARASSMENT against us. Such immoral behaviour & comments by these 'adults' is odious. The rest of his his 'gang' are no better. During my Musical Career , I have not only Performed, both Piano &.Vocal, but also taught children & all ages who have had a higher sense of scruples that would put these ..... to shame. Since another Fraud channel has been put up for RN ,many friends are? upset that RN & his 'groupies' would be so mean , & invaded their channels to damage, as well.

Electricworries (5 hours ago) Spam
Lisaleslie76 --Sherry and her friends hacked your account? HAHAHAHA, that is? so much bull and i laughed so hard!!!!!!!!!! Forgot your password did you? LOL! Richard claims hacking and you girls jump on the bandwagon. too funny--what next? Thanks for the laugh anyway!

Electricworries (1 hour ago) Spam
Lisaleslie76 --Sherry and her friends hacked your account? HAHAHAHA, that is so much bull and i laughed so hard!!!!!!!!!! Forgot your? password did you? LOL! Richard claims hacking and you girls jump on the bandwagon. too funny--what next? Thanks for the laugh anyway!

Electricworries (1 hour ago) Spam
Fake KKC aka, RN, you don't have a clue. Why do you keep going on about those emails.???Talk about OCD!! As i've said before, one of my good long time friends is the husband of a member of the real KKC and i know for a fact that those emails were real. Denise was on the fence because she had no idea what was really going on and didn't want to aggravate anyone. Also, Rebecca and zoey quit the club because Denise was continually getting harassing emails from you and your cronies and contacted Rebecca and told her about it, she felt terrible and they quit--ooooh, big drama. What does timeline have to do with it?? This has been continuous harassment and slander from RN toward a family that did nothing wrong. No proof, no crime. Get a life and move on, this is sooo boring and immature.

RidanosLies (8 hours ago) Spam
Get this one, lol, lisaleslie76 just accused me of hacking her You Tube channel and changing her password! Really, if I could do that it wouldn't be her channel I'd go after!! No doubt she just forgot it, she isn't the sharpest tool? in the shed!!! Hey lisaleslie76 think about it dumb, dumb! lol

pennymusicMAma (23 hours ago) Spam
Norton & NEWJERSEY ABUSER, VENNIEY or one of his other 'cronies' have put up a FRAUD 'CRAPPICAPI
STRIKES' channel aginst "Capi" & me, falsely used my friends & subscribers, tried to Subscribe to me, & tried to post a HATE comment under "After A Walk On A Winter's Day" - & that is the 1st video they have placed on? this NEFARIOUS FRAUD channel. PLEASE REPORT to YOUTUBE & LIES, claiming my FRIENDS are subscribers - totally BOGUS, MEAN HARASSMENT - also reprehensible comments about "Capi" & called my son, Luk-ASS. I told you RN & his 'cronies' are Sociopathic & Psychopathic!! Now they are taking it out upon me again, as if it ever stopped. PLEASE REPORT to YOUTUBE - the FALSE channel is:'CRAPPICAPISTRIKES' - total FRAUD!!!!!!!

RidanosLies (11 minutes ago) Spam
You tell him Penny! Got the Eclipse--go back to your video games, PUNK!!!!!!
Venniey's slanderous video is gone, didn't last long! Now they are all outraged!!!! lol
I wonder why RichardNorton didn't respond to my comment on NJA channel? Why doesn't he share the pictures the police sent him of David all beat up? Why doesn't he share the viscous letter he wrote about his own son? He sent copies to the police, Child services and Davids mother. Why not share with You Tube too? It is of public interest, I've? already read the letter and seen the police pictures, the proof. Why not show everyone else. Richard you keep telling us all how you don't lie--lets see the truth!

pennymusicMAma (3 hours ago) Spam
Venniey has circulated a video against Sherri - of course Venniey's brain has been fried since her time with Timothy Leary & she calls that a true baby boomer??? Well, Venniey,? this may hurt your sick, lying ego -
that was Before my time & I've never done drugs like you, "cronie" of RN & NewJerseyAbuser- vicious maker of Fraud videos for RN, like'CRAPPICAPI'. Did you close it, NJA, before YT suspended it & you, like the last time??Ruthless Fools for RN. And we know the others, like the 'old' group & new recruits, like EclipseWebJS.

pennymusicMAma (4 hours ago) Spam
Reply to the ignorant slanderer, EclipseWebJS, How would you explain Richard Norton's Foul Voice yelling at me???
Fool for listening to his LIES & making Personal Attack/ Character Defamation Videos for him, & altering my Front Page comments, also, in at least one? of the videos YOU TUBE removed. Hey, punk - go back to your video games.

EclipseWebJS (4 hours ago) Spam
Ever hear of VoIP spoofing -- That has been? used before, in Venniey's case.

pennymusicMAma (5 hours ago) Spam
For the Record, I have never had Fraud Channels, like RN, Nor have I ever phoned him at his 'home' in Norway - however it registered his # when he made Threatening/ Warning calls in the wee hours of the morning to me & my husband took one. Norton, Beware - you are in big Trouble & your days of trying to hurt
people are numbered. I have never Harassed or tried to destroy you, as you have done to me & many of my friends. Why don't you try to take care of your kitties, instead of the Lies &? Filth that comes out of your uneducated, ignorant mouth? You claim to be a US citizen . Are you also a citizen of Norway, where you live?

RidanosLies (33 minutes ago) Spam
Hey Richard, why not get a life and leave us all alone? It is really pathetic that all you do is sit on the internet and think of ways to harass people who want nothing to do? with you. Maybe if you put some effort into it you'd find some friend in Norway that might actually want to talk to you. A word of advice, pay someone to come and clean up your junkyard of a house before you invite them over!

RidanosLies (42 minutes ago) Spam
KoolKatsClub aka Richard, you can hide behind whatever name you like we all know it is you. What business is it of your what? any of us do or when? You did indeed harass the members of the KoolKatsClub and you still are by using their name to hide behind. You are talking about posting private emails of theirs again, I call that harassment and so do they!

KoolKatsClub (5 minutes ago) Spam
Time line off. No harassing was done anyway. I wanted to know who really wrote the the emails from Denise. And the "secretarty. Rebecca didn't go off the member list till 6 months later. Bad try. Oh, BTW, it's not Rn's style to talk like you, with the c? word. OCD!

RidanosLies (47 minutes ago) Spam
Funny Richard, the only reason rebecca and Zoey are no longer? members of the KoolKatsClub is because of your harassment. They withdrew their memberships long ago because Denise was getting harassing emails from you and Vennie. It was the only way to shut you up!

RidanosLies (47 minutes ago) Spam
RichardNorton is saying Sherrri has a problem with her social enviornment . lol Funny how he thought it was great when she was there cleaning his pig sty!!! What about the skye phone calls to Rebecca and Darryl in the middle of the night? Leaving messages for Sherri on their cell phones demanding thet the "cu*t " pay him? What about the crank calls to Penny.? Where do you get off judging others when you have done the very same thing. I wonder where they got the idea? lol

RidanosLies (57 minutes ago) Spam
Oh Venniey, The first comment was dripping with sarcasm, meaning it isn't? true, I was mocking Richard. All the rest of the comments are true. I made money off of those kittens Richard sent me. They are all pets as per their pedigrees and are doing well. Whats your point???

venniey (1 minute ago) Spam
From Electricworries channel: RidanosLies (1 month ago) Oh ya Richard the kittens are at Leahs and her Moms and they have breed them and sold their kittens to all the surrounding Canadians! We all have them now, Norway babies for everyone! Come and? get em!
From RichardNorton channel: DracoNotaGem (2 months ago) Venniey of course I know where all the kittens are. Except poor Eros, he got the short end of the stick.
From sokkmarionett channel: sherrispage (3 months ago) I got 5 cats for free!
From canadianripoff channel: uneed2getagrip (2 months ago) I do know all about the kittens. They are all fixed and living with families? all over southern Ontario.

RidanosLies (55 minutes ago) Spam
You want a list of innocent women he harassed, no problem, the entire KoolKatsClub members. Everyone who's email was listed he harassed. Even after they all asked him to stop contacting them because they didn't even know who Sherri was. Then there is the Oakville Humane Society who blocked all his harassing emails and never once replied to his BS. Then he accused Leah and Rebecca of having stolen cats. Then Leah"s Mother. There thats at least 10 women he has harassed. You keep slandering Sherri saying she stole those kittens Richard sent. Where is the contract? The proof he was to receive money from her? NEVER has? anyone ever seen any proof? The only paperwork that I have seen is from Canada Custums saying those 4 kittens were given as gifts from RichardNorton in Norway. If you have the contract then by all means please show us, or stop slandering innocents! As for David he himself admitted his Dad hit him and he was charged. Can't deny that one can you?

RidanosLies (1 hour ago) Spam
Venniey, why are you pretending to know what went on between Richard and I? You wouldn't know the truth if it bit you in the ass. You have been so green with envy that it was me that went and not you. Trust me when I say you have nothing to be jealous about, he? is a gross smelly old psycho man. Not worth a second thought.

venniey (1 hour ago) Spam
electric worries? you went too? Oh my. ? I know that She left loving notes to him after her return. There are so many texts of her caring, warm feelings for richard. Presents sent to him "KISS"s on Vloggerhead. Seems like everything was heavenly until the Danish woman was featured. Strange how the truth changed!

RidanosLies (4 hours ago) Spam
RichardNorton, you are a man who beat his child. I don't think anyone in our world would condone your behavior. You have harassed innocent people just to satisfy your revenge against me. Targeting women and children is a sign of a weak cowardice man. Why not seek help for your criminal behavior, you? desperately need it.

Electricworries (17 hours ago) Spam
Hehehehehehehe Veinney, exactly, you are so lucky that you didn't, everyone makes mistakes, be glad that you? were not the one to experience it :P

venniey (30 minutes ago) Spam
Uh, excuse me? It wasn't me that lay? down with Richard. THAT was you, sherri!

pennymusicMAma (18 hours ago) Spam
Just a moment, dogs do not have fleas if they have protective medication. Mine never had fleas nor ticks, because I took the proper care for them. Cats get fleas & ticks, also! Maybe it was a 'figure of speech' you used. Venniey acts like a flea,-spreading foul disease; a liar who knows? she is a sociopath, like NJA & RN.

RidanosLies (1 hour ago) Spam
venniey, what are? to trying to say??? You are not making any sense? I guess it is getting hard for you to try and defend a criminal. Laying down with dogs only gets you fleas honey.

venniey (5 hours ago) Spam
delete delete delete.?

RidanosLies (1 hour ago) Spam
I think it is you that needs to get a hobby venniey. After all you have been harassing me and my family and friends for almost a year now. What's with that, obsessed much? I have NEVER, EVER said I stole anything, get a grip on reality honey. As for all the sites that RichardNorton has been slandering/harassing us we have managed to get rid of it all. Live Video removed 4 of his videos, Vloggerheads has removed 2 videos, all 3 of his website have been shut down and You Tube has removed at least 7? of his videos, suspended him and he is still on probation. So it is oblivious that his BS is'nt gonna float any where.

CRAZYvenniey (7 hours ago) Spam
NO CRAZY VENNIE I have? NEVER said that I STOLE any kittens. He sent those kittens to me so I could go back to Norway in the summer. I know it is hard for you to swallow but try to get over it honey! Seriously what does any of this have to do with you? Whats with you? Why do you care, about what I do? Your obsession with me and my family and friends has been going on now for almost a year. You need to seek help, seriously, do it.

venniey (11 hours ago) Spam
Whatever, you have nothing better to do. Let's see? how many sites won't go for your bullying and obsessive harassment. You've admitted the theft of the kittens and knowing where they are. Why are you still fluttering around!?

RidanosLies (1 day ago) Spam
I have written a complaint to Vimeo letting them know about RichardNortons harassment and slander against me and how he has invaded my privacy and harassed Canadian? breeders and my family and friends. Of course I included all of the websites that have been removed for this very same reasons, invasion of privacy, harassment and slander. When will he ever learn that he will not ever get away with this BS. GET A LIFE RICHARDNORTON!!

RidanosLies (3 days ago) Spam
It is sad that a 60 year old? man is making crank calls in the middle of the night. Then again he does have brain damage, that much is oblivious.

pennymusicMAma (3 days ago) Spam
Against the law, isn't it a criminal offense for Richard Norton to get Private information of people & Phone them numerous times with THREATENING / WARNING calls @ their home in the wee hours of the morning -
3:00 AM , followed by 2 more, 6AM , 4AM????? RN ,you do not own people,? nor the world. Now ... ...
is after You. You'll find out in good time, for All of your Atrocities.

RidanosLies (32 minutes ago) Spam
It is sad that a 60 year old man is making crank calls in? the middle of the night. Then again he does have brain damage, that much is oblivious.

pennymusicMAma (1 hour ago) Spam
Against the law, isn't it a criminal offense for Richard Norton to get Private information of people & Phone them numerous times with THREATENING / WARNING calls @ their home? in the wee hours of the morning -
3:00 AM , followed by 2 more, 6AM , 4AM????? RN ,you do not own people, nor the world. Now ... ...
is after You. You'll find out in good time, for All of your Atrocities.

RidanosLies (1 hour ago) Spam
Why not use your real account RichardNorton? Are you afraid you'll be suspended again? Yes You Tube contacted me via email after every privacy complaint I made and then again when your channel was suspended. Legally they had no choice! I have never hacked anyone and you should be careful about slandering me by accusing me of criminal actions. Unless you enjoy having your channels suspended.
What about the 3 websites of yours that were? shut down because of privacy issues and harassment? Are you going to tell everyone they were hacked too. Their legal departments sent me emails as well to let me know you had been removed. Why not stop your BS and take the responsibility for your own actions?

RippedoffNorweigian (8 hours ago) Spam
YAAA, YouTube contacted you my foot. You were suspended from,almost 20 channels, not tto mention the ones you closed to excape being suspended. In not one case, did Youtube get back to the reporter and tell them anything. Unless of course you mean the Internet fool who you have helping you doing illegal things, like hacking? phone systems and god knows what. Just remember, what you have done, in numerous case is against the law.

doseofmule4ya (3 hours ago)
She's like a cockroach! Funny she has sooooo much to say about how other people look but she doesn't have the confidence to show her own face. Wonder what she is so afraid of? Can you say bow wow ruff ruff!?

pennymusicMAma (8 hours ago) Spam
He has more, as - he calls his"Idiot Patrol" to do dirty? work for him, like NJA (CRAPPICAPI) & others... I have never received so much HATE from them & LIES about decent people, - deranged,twisted comments on behalf of RN. Listening - Venniey, NJA ...& the rest of you???????? Stop trying to Hurt Good YTUsers! You won't,
because you have nothing worse to do with your worthless lives but ATTACK the Innocents.. How congenial.

RidanosLies (8 hours ago) Spam
Funny how everyone is talking about RN being hacked, when You Tube contacted me and told me RN's channel was being suspended? due to numerous violations. Thats the same reason all 3 of his websites were removed, terms of violations due to his harassment and slander. It was his own fault.

Electricworries (4 days ago) Spam
Nope then i will have? to deal with a lot of trailer park trash --how bout Costa Rica?

doseofmule4ya (1 week ago) Spam
Hey wanna move to New Jersey? There has only been 24 MURDERS this month so far!! What? a nice place to live!!

doseofmule4ya (1 week ago) Spam
She's like a cockroach! Funny she has sooooo much to say about how other people look but she doesn't have the confidence to show her own face. Wonder? what she is so afraid of? Can you say bow wow ruff ruff!

Electricworries (7 hours ago)
Why is this Newjerseyabuser person so freaking hateful? She writes all? this nasty stuff and personally i think she is just targeting people for kicks--why are they letting her go on and on and on with all this?

Electricworries (2 days ago)
Hey venniey, just noticed? your comment --going somewhere? Buh Bye Baby!

Electricworries (2 days ago)
THC --yeah, tatty on your butt!! hehehehehe?

doseofmule4ya (2 days ago)
THC ROCKS, love? BIG DADDY his voice owns!

Electricworries (3 days ago)
Hehe, yeah that's a cool song :) Love the? Mule too ;)

doseofmule4ya (3 days ago)
Hi Electricworries, love that Clutch song!?

RidanosLies (3 days ago)
lol oh venniey please, who didn't expect the vennieyancy channels demise! You have to? admit it was funny and got a ton of views! Electicworries has no videos! She need not WORRY!!!

venniey (3 days ago)
bye bye?

theliesaregone (3 days ago)
elcectricworries--LOVE the Bobby Z favorites!!! He is so YUMMY!?

Electricworries (6 hours ago) Spam
OMG this Venniey is either completely delusional? or in psycho stalker love with RN--i can't believe the crazy stuff this chick has wrote about people she obviously doesn't know. Doesn't YT moderate this junk?

RichardtheABUSER (6 days ago) Spam
Thanks to all who are now working to have EclipseWebJS BANISHED for his harassment and slander. His? days are numbered, time to take out the trash again!

Electricworries (1 week ago) Spam
Happy New Year to? you also girlie! All the best to you, love and peace always ;)

RichardtheABUSER (1 hour ago) Spam
YIKES!!! Old people smell!!!!?

vennieyancy (5 hours ago) Spam
You can be invited to our wedding as long? as you are not CANADIAN!!!

lisaleslie76 (5 hours ago) Spam

Electricworries (1 week ago) Spam
Happy New Year to? you also girlie! All the best to you, love and peace always ;)

pennymusicMAma (1 week ago) Spam
HOPE, Love, Light& Joy? for the New Year,2009! - "Capi" & Penny

pennymusicMAma (1 week ago) Spam
Finally! It is a Good thing that Richard Norton was Suspended from YT,even
though his "groupies"? are scrambling to get the Notorious HateMonger,Liar,
whose Threats, Harassments, Destruction...Hurt many - re-instated. He thought he was all Powerful with his Evil Negativity, however he was monitored by several sources, as are his "groupies", & Justice was done.
His Crimes deserved Banishment.

RichardtheABUSER (1 week ago) Spam
Richard Nortons channel? has been suspended!!!!!!

RichardtheABUSER (1 week ago) Spam
Happy New? Year!!

RichardtheABUSER (1 week ago) Spam
Happy New? Year!!

theliesaregone (2 hours ago) Spam
Ha ha lol Terms of use read them Richard? Norton! lol

RichardtheABUSER (3 hours ago) Spam
Richard Nortons video kitten fraud, dripping? wet pussy and child abuse complaint are all gone! Thank You You Tube!

RichardtheABUSER (4 hours ago) Spam
I made a video? telling the story of Richard Nortons child abuse. I am posting it because he has been lying far too much and it is time truth be told.

RidanosLies (15 hours ago) Spam
PS sorry for getting off? topic Electricworries, I am sure if you go to Norway you can get a free pet quality kitten, Ricahrd gives them away by the litter!

RidanosLies (15 hours ago) Spam
Funny that Richard thinks it was someone other then me who had the Who's who video taken down! I am the one responsible for the removal of all his BS channels and videos suspensions!? Oh and thanks for reminding me about this channel Richard I forgot about it and I closed all the rest. Oh and btw EclipseWebJS wants to know the back story of what happened between you and David. Why don't you fill him in on what you did? lol

Electricworries (18 hours ago) Spam
Heeeey! I didn't? get one?! I'm Canadian and in conspiracy apparently, where is my cat darn it!

RidanosLies (18 hours ago) Spam
More Ridanos lies! Oh ya Richard the kittens are at Leahs and her Moms and they have breed them and sold their kittens to all the surrounding Canadians! We all have? them now, Norway babies for everyone! Come and get em!

Electricworries (20 hours ago) Spam
Ummm that is the singer from? Otep giving you the bird LOL you guys are too funny

KoolKatsClub (1 day ago) Spam
DracoGem, Eclipse, this woman is Rebecca, Sherri's sister in law, who helped Sherri sell the stolen cats, and i am sure, knows where they are, just as sherri admits. Probably two are at Leah and Leah's mother. This icon is Rebecca's picture, giving everyone the bird. So classy! Sherri(RichardtheABUSER)and Rebecca(Electricworries) are putting on a show for who? Anyone who doesn't already know them. RidanosLies is still up. BTW, I am glad that who 's who finally got the attention it deserved and worried someone enough. It will be up on? other sites, never fear.

RichardtheABUSER (1 day ago) Spam
Do you? have one of those stolen kittens? You are from Canada, you must, or at least you know where they are. I demand to know! I have spoken, bow to me, or my moronic cult followers will be discharged upon you!

Electricworries (1 day ago) Spam
Hahahahahaha, that Richard guy is hilarious and knows NOTHING about me or my resources, we deal in international claims including? Norway, Sweden and Japan all the time, shows what you know mr. youtube. Have your day in the limelight with all this crap Mr. RN but i'm NOT Rebecca or this other "mulelover" guy and you ARE obviously blowing smoke and lying about any "contract" since there has been no proof at all that i've seen. Crrrraaaazzzzyy, everyone from Canada is in conspiracy obviously hehe! How stupid, advice? Get a life and realize that you can't fool everyone. Merry Christmas! LOL

RichardtheABUSER (3 days ago) Spam
I deleted all? of your posts on my RichardNorton channel and blocked you. I have made a statement on my RN channel saying you are Rebecca incase anyone read anything you may have said. Best to lump you in with those Canadians since you don't care for my videos or me. :P

Electricworries (4 hours ago) Spam
PS snowman, i didn't? make any complaints myself but i did let my friends know and they checked it out C'est la vie ;)

Electricworries (4 hours ago) Spam
Just went to see Bring me the Horizon in Toronto at the Opera? House!! So awesome, that place is classic and the acoustics are unbelievable :))))

snowmandansing (13 hours ago) Spam
I have read some of your posts and I have a friend who is also a member of the KKC in Canada. If you helped at all in the complaints against the KKC video, thanks a lot. The video was removed today. The user responsible for it? RichardNorton is an idiot. My advice for you is to stay away from him and his bashing clan. The will spread lies and harass you if are not Richards friend. It is all very immature and pathetic. Anyway thanks again!

Electricworries (2 days ago) Spam
Hi? Eclipse, i don't know who "mulelover" is, sorry, and i don't see a channel for him so i don't have a clue who you're talking about.

EclipseWebJS (2 days ago) Spam
??? Are? you sure this isn't another one of those "mulelover" spam channels? Well, speaking of spam channels, I had one made against me just now, so watch it!

Electricworries (3 days ago) Spam
Hi DracoGem, i appreciate the clarification, thank you. I can assure you that i am not associated or affiliated with anyone else on youtube (as far as i know anyway, it's only been two days). I'm just into music videos and cats/animals and was told there were some amazing videos here and some fun people. I hope we can all make a fresh start and thanks again for the response. Harassment in any form is? never any fun, i deal with clients all the time at work that have problems over the internet/workplace/etc. :(((

DracoGem (4 days ago) Spam
On behalf of everyone that has commented here... sorry for the bashing. But we've been under attack by someone who constantly opens up new accounts, harasses people, posing as someone else, leaves crude comments and make? accusations that she knows nothing about but using it to benefit herself, to take heat off her behavior. Some assumed you were, while others believe you are Sherri or one of her partners in crime going around antagonizing, belittling, insulting, ridiculing... basically being a downright bully who just doesn't understnad why people would give her a dose of her own medicine when she acts up, which she has been doing a lot of lately.

Electricworries (4 days ago) Spam
venniey--why did you block me from your channel? I didn't say anything bad did? i? Strange people. I've only been on here a day and i've been bashed and banished. Huh.

Electricworries (4 days ago) Spam
I just made an account yesterday and i'm already bashed? For what? Asking questions? I punched in "bengal" and was directed to this guys site, you girls/guys were linked. What's the big deal? I haven't read every single comment so i was curious. PS. Kool, whoever you are, my best friend that i went to school with is married? to a KKC-Canada-member and you are not legit. And yes there is ramifications from posing as a member of a registered entity. You are fake and not an actual representative or member of this club. I checked into it right away. PS. who the heck is "Law"?

venniey (4 days ago) Spam
Hey you, sherri has brought down all this dislike on herself, Rebecca has helped? the ugliness too. Sherri stole, has lied and bullied and threatened her way across many lines. Go to ApparentlyIDo channels and read the cut and pasted comments she made about a autistic woman that Richard saved. Sherri is a hunk of ugliness inside, sheered up by pain and misplaced anger. Her attacks on people will be rewarded.
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KoolKatsClub (4 days ago) Spam
Links are there, on my channel, the emails in the video are KKC's. You are not interested in information! As I understand it, there are no men I've seen on the board.
Maybe you mean Rebecca's ex, Law? Is he still a friend? Anyway, KoolKatsClub profile states "This channel's existence is to prevent a few Canadian? Bengal breeders from the showing or breeding of stolen cats."
Ramifications my foot!

NEWJERSEYABUSER (4 days ago) Spam
mmmm,only 1 video watched but you know all about the Canadian kitten? thieves????????? Picture a huge target on your big fat ass Sherri lol!

DracoGem (5 days ago) Spam
Horrendous and repetitive... boring. The hits? will keep on coming from direction.

changling21 (5 days ago) Spam
Horrendous? account

NEWJERSEYABUSER (5 days ago) Spam
Well well well another Canadian Idiot!?