Picture displaying program for autistic persons / children.
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My other programs can shell to, and run this program when correct responses occur and allow the user to select and view a picture. After displaying the selected picture the program quits and returns to the calling program. The program is capable of displaying 4 screens of thumbnails.

I have had good results with this program with autistic/retarded persons that function poorly and with very young children. It requires only a mouse press and you can hardly miss if their are enough thumbnails. Also their are no possible incorrect responses. Several have learned to quickly shift to the 3rd or 4th screen and look at their favorite picture.

* * * * WARNING * * * *

This program is DIRECTORY SENSITIVE. IF THE FILES ARE NOT IN THE PROPER DIRECTORIES IT WILL NOT WORK! Also its intended to run at 800 X 600 64000 colors.

Download bildep.zip (982 kB dated Dec. 21.1997.)

Several programs require the system files GAUGE.VBX, SPIN.VBX, MCI.VBX and THREED.VBX in your WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. If you donít already have them you can get them here. Download VBFILES.ZIP 62.5 kb.

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